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Everyone likes to refer me simply as a Rapper. Truthfully I am many more things than just a Rapper. I am Life itself. I meant that as no Joke. No really. In all of my life, I have been able to come down to this simple truth, I am a performer. Whether that is me in a film acting out a script, or me on stage rapping my best Lyrics, or me speaking to the hearts and souls of men. However, first, I am a writer, cause I wouldn't be any of these without the gift of Writing. On this site, I share my music with you, but weekly I write at least three times here to share my thoughts and ideas too cause I find them really Valuable and I hope you do as well. Welcome! desktop.

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Eva - HEAT

I spent a Few days in the Studio with Sossick, and as much as I am excited to share with you all the great things we are cooking up, this is just a sneak peak into the craziness that is coming!
I hope you enjoy HEAT. This was just for practice, I thought y'all should have it.

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Brand New 2018 Freestyle Produced by SOSSICK

Video Shot by RV Redvelvet
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It is Reported that 1 in 5 Girls is a victim of Child sexual Abuse. In this clip Eva addresses this and sheds light on how young girls are abused at an early age. Eva is always very Vocal with Rap, as she uses the medium to express her thoughts on topics that affect society but which not many artists seem to talk about. In this Video, Eva Raps about issues surrounding Child Sexual abuse, especially focusing on the female child. She expresses the grim reality surrounding many women who are affected for many years into their adult lives as a result of Sexual Abuse from an early age. 'Still A Ho' - is how many young women are looked upon as, regardless of how or why they have made certain sexual decisions. And Eva boldly questions how many men it takes to determine a girl is a Whore. ---- Buy the new Album '1960' For only $5 here - (This Album features Sarkodie, Olamide, Phyno, Reminisce, Yemi Alade, Darey Art Alade and Sir Dauda) _____ Follow Eva on Instagram - ____________________________________ VIDEO CREDITS: Shot by Eva Alordiah and UJ Visuals Directed by Eva Alordiah Edited by Eva Alordiah CAST: Nuraya Brandon Morenike Enitan LOCATIONS: Lagos, Nigeria New York, USA ______________________________________ This Video has been made with the Intent and Purpose to Educate on the epidemic that is Child Sexual Abuse around the world ___________________________________________-

Industry Night with Eva Alordiah (Recap)

TO SELF - Music Video

Interview with TRACE URBAN

Performing SHUGA, at Industry Night in Lagos

Performing HIGH, My Favorite!

Answering 1000 Questions? Not Really!

This is What Happened on Valentine's Day (Short Short Story)

He bought me fresh roses which, at first sight appeared to have been very expensive. We didn't have enough money to cover dinner the night before and I had all but taken out the very last N500 left in my account so we could have dinner. I remember being so thankful to the ATM Machine for dispensing N500 notes instead of the usual N1,000 notes. It was the most thankful I had been this week.
Onions, Peppers, one cucumber and five small tomatoes was what I spent it on.
"At least we can make concoction stew for the remaining rice," I had said to him when he apologized for not having enough money to spare for dinner.
"It's nothing, You make it seem like I am complaining," I was stroking the graying beards on his chin. 
"We are in this together, these times are only as hard as we are supposed to become. So they are not hard at all, they are only indicators of how tough we can get with ourselves if we decided to try. To push again, and I'm here to push with you.
To push we must apply effort. Energy. Energy is needed to push."
He was nodding along with me. 
"And all is energy." He said.
"Exactly! And all is energy!" 
There was a smile on my face and we had spent the rest of the evening talking about energy, and the universe, and law of attraction and the Bible as I cut up the vegetables for the concoction stew.
That was last night.
Now here he was on Valentine's day with that stupid boyish grin, holding roses. Roses?
I wondered what else we could have done with the money he had spent on it. Perhaps we would have been able to buy some plantain for the rice and concoction stew for last night.
He was kneeling beside me now, holding the roses to my face.
Was he expecting me to sniff it? Am I suppposed to bury my face into this and sniff it like the women in movies do? My mind was having a laugh.
I smiled at him and took a whiff.
His face lit up like light bolts. It was as though he was thinking in his head, "It's working! The Valentine's day surprise is having it's expected effects."
Truthfully, it wasn't. 
I stared at the roses again and for a brief moment, I couldn't decide if they were real plant and tissue petals. They suddenly looked to me like the synthetic non-living, roses from fabrics, sitting idly on the glass centre table in my mother's house. The type that didn't need water to survive. 
The Sunday after she brought one home the first time, I had, with genuine kindness of heart, taken a half cup of water and poured it into the vase. 
My mother had stared down at me, her lips unmoving, as though she was stopping herself from saying, 'You of all people should know better than to water synthetic plants.' I was six years old at the time.
"I love you," he was saying, his hands on my shoulders now. "I wanted to make this Valentine's day Special for you." 
It was special already, I wanted to say but chewed the words back in my mouth with the shamelessness of a goat chewing cud.
He reached for my mouth and kissed it, stroking my cheek with his fingers.
"Do you like the roses?" He asked, his breath cooling the side of my face. 
'I don't know what I'm supposed to do with them..' I wanted to say truthfully, but instead I said, "They are so beautiful, thank you."
He straightened himself now and began to walk towards the bathroom. 
I had silently hoped he would go in there, but I wasn't quite prepared for his reaction.
"Babe! What have you done?" His voice was half a whisper and a yell. It was full of surprise and maybe admiration?
He was walking back to where I sat now, holding the wrapped box in his hand.I wanted to make sure it was the first thing he saw if he walked into the bathroom. 

His face was aglow with excitement like a child with presents at Christmas.
"This girl what have you done?" He was saying now as he began to tear out the wrapper impatiently.
I wondered if he noticed the delicate care that had gone into my presentation. I doubted that he did. He hadn't even seen the little handwritten note I attached to the base of the box with clear tape. 
"Wow! Thats a gorgeous looking watch." He was holding it up against the light, admiring as the dark steel caught onto the light and sparkled.
"I thought you might like it," I said, trying not to ask him directly if he liked it.
"Like? I love it! Never had anything like this before. Come here," he pulled me into his arms, kissing my forehead and letting it rest on his chest.
"You are so sweet," he whispered, "And I love you."
"I love you too."
"Happy Valentine's boo boo," he cooed.
"Are you hungry?" I asked, half hoping he would say no, as we had nothing left in the house to cook.
"Naahh babe, I am only hungry for you," He turned my head to face him squarely now and began to plant kisses all over my face.
My mind was wandering again. I remembered her face, it came seeping into my mind like a blurry image at first. I saw the smile, The smile that had wrinkled the sides of her flabby face when she said "Ah your oga will like this watch oh, he will enjoy it. Na just say money kill am."
I wasn't sure if I had bought it to prove a point or to genuinely show I cared about him.
When the woman had swiped my card and my phone vibrated in my pocket with the debit alert message, I didn't bother to read it.
There was nothing left in my account after paying for that watch.
I wondered what else I could have done with the money, perhaps we would have been able to buy some food for dinner on this Valentine's night.
He was eating at my flesh now, and I just lay there soundless.

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BLUE FILM - Eva Alordiah (Short Short Story)

 an excerpt from the new novel "How I ended my Monday? ALONE, AGAIN"
December was always a dusty, earth dried,  skin-mottling month. The cold winds of the early mornings usually delivered the stench of the gutters right to your doorstep. You could smell Christmas in the air, always a confusing mix of smells but with a feeling that seemed new every year.

It was always a short holiday off school, but long enough for visits to the neighbors,  to Aunties and Uncles who were not really Aunties or Uncles,  to the village where a tourist of extended family would gather around her father's old Peugeot 506 car animatedly, admiring the machine.
It was on of those visits to an Uncle who was not really an Uncle, that Aisha saw for the first time a film described as 'Blue'.
With her big brother leading the way that morning, they had both walked the narrow dusty path to Uncle Stanley's house accompanied only by a deafening silence between them. Aisha held a basket loaded with bottles of Coke,  Fanta, and a bowl of rice and chicken in a lanky, too thin hand.  Her brother had the earphones of his Walkman plugged to his ears, an act that spoke loudly of his desire to be left alone.
He was angry, hunching his shoulders and walking zig-zaggedly along the path in front of Aisha.
Their mother had scolded him just moments before,  getting him off the wooden stool on which he'd been sitting by yanking him by up by the ear. 

"You didn't hear me calling you!" She'd yelled at him.
"That silly game you are always playing has turned you deaf yes?"

Then she proceeded to yank the electric cord of the game from behind the console, sending the TV into a quick death with only a bluish-black screen in its wake.
He had been in the middle of a game he loved,  probably already winning points or maybe even almost at a finish. 

"You and your sister should come and go to Uncle Stanley's place to drop this rice." Their mother ordered. 

The boy had grumbled his way into a grey threadbare shirt, grabbed his Walkman and headed for the door without waiting to see if his sister was following behind.
Aisha could make sense of his anger and feared the consequences of trying to speak to him. She kept a short distance between them, juggling her attention between the growing pain in her arm from carrying the basket and the whistling of the birds in the big mango trees flanked on either side of the path.
When they arrived at Uncle Stanley's, they met him standing just outside his door with his hands in his pockets observing his dog.
The dog was settled quietly in its cage,  seemingly lethargic, and Uncle Stanley had worry deepening the lines of his face that had come with age.
It was hard to tell how old he was. He didn't seem to go to work every morning like the other adults in the neighborhood,  and his shirts were always buttoned wrongly as if somebody had forced him to cover up.
Aisha did not know how they were related, only that he came visiting once every other Saturday or Sunday when their parents were home. He never gave her crisp N5 notes like her other Uncles who came visiting. 

"Ah! Christmas has come to my house o!" he said as they approached him,  removing his hands from his pockets now, spreading them out,  palms facing upwards.
"Uncle Stanley Good morning sir," Aisha greeted in that sing-song type of voice you'd expect from a seven year old.
Her brother,  Hassan slapped his palm loudly into Uncle Stanley's in greeting. He was fifteen and liked to do things the way the older adults did them.

"I think this dog is sick again," he muttered,  half concerned.
"Eyaaa, poor Bingo." Hassan said.

Aisha did not approve of the name. The brown furred dog appeared to need a bath more than it needed medication. She liked dogs,  but not this one.
"How are your parents?" Uncle Stanley inquired,  taking the basket from Aisha and relieving her of the burden that had weekend her lanky hands.
He opened the door and left it ajar as they followed behind. 

"They are fine sir," Aisha responded.  Hassan had freed his ears of the earphones whose cord now hung out of his pocket where the Walkman was.
"Ha, thank God o,  see film." Hassan said delightedly, picking up the remote control and pushing on the volume button. It was clear that he had no plans of heading back home just yet as he now settled himself sloppily on one of the only two sofas in Uncle Stanley's dingy apartment.
It was not like their house.  Their house with its large front yard and marble floors.
Uncle Stanley's carpets were ripping in several spots, and his house smelled of something that may have gone bad in his fridge. Fish?  Stale beans? Perhaps a dead rat under one of these sofas.
Aisha shivered at the thought.
Slow, sensual music buzzed from the TV set now and Hassan appeared already fully engrossed.
Perhaps he was taking out his frustration on their mother by refusing to head back immediately?
Aisha knew she would have to wait it out with him as she was not allowed to walk by herself.

"Aisha come take this basket back for your mother," Uncle Stanley called out from the kitchen.
It was a very small kitchen,  with dirty pots atop one another just sitting in the sink begging to be washed.
The kitchen was humid and smelled worse than the parlor.
Uncle Stanley was standing against the sink,  washing out the bowl their mother had sent,  and letting the water run over the pots.
It was as though he wasn't seeing them. When he was done,  he dried the bowl with a dirty rag he pulled off the window bars, then used the same to mop his wet hands. 

"Fine girl how are you?"
Aisha looked up at him then took her eyes away. He was staring down at her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.
"Fine. Sir."
Suddenly he knelt before her and held her tiny shoulders firmly, looking at her as though he were searching for something he had lost.
Then he pulled her into a too-tight hug, rubbing his palm on her back.
Aisha could hear the TV,  a man's voice was saying, "Let's get the money and fuck this bitch up.. "
Then Uncle Stanley released her from his hug with a jolt as though something had shocked him.
"I love you." he said,  "Say you love me too."
Aisha had heard those words on TV a couple of times. Her father said the same to her and her mother did too. Mrs Sambo, her elementary teacher always made them say the words, "I love you but God loves you more" every morning at assembly.
However Uncle Stanley's 'I love you' felt different to her. There was dread in his tone and she feared that if she did not respond,  something bad would happen. Perhaps he would make her chew on the dead rat that now seemed to be right around the sink behind them. 

'I love you too," Aisha muttered meekly.
"Good girl," Uncle Stanley said and kissed her fully on her mouth. He sucked on it for a moment before releasing it.
"Good girl. Don't let anyone know you do bad things."
Then he got up,  straightened his shirt with his palms and proceeded to the basket.
She just stood there,  moping at her feet which where straddled in sandals, knotting and unknotting her fingers.
"Tell your mother I'd bring the mineral bottles after. Take," He handed her the basket which now contained only the empty bowl.
Was she supposed to leave?
Aisha had become suddenly unaware what time do next.
When she began to walk back into his small parlor,  she didn't know if she was walking because her legs were carrying her or because Uncle Stanley's hand was on her small back inching her forward. 

"Uncle Stanley this is blue film abi?"
Hassan asked excitedly as they walked in.  He didn't appear angry anymore.
Uncle Stanley only laughed.
"Me I want to watch it finish o." Hassan returned his attention to the TV now,  seemingly oblivious of his sister who stood only a few feet away,  holding the basket now with both hands.
"Come and sit Aisha," Uncle Stanley motioned to a stool beside the unoccupied sofa and settled himself in it.

"You people can finish the film then go home,  it's almost over."
Aisha noiselessly placed the basket on the floor in a corner by the door and made her way to the low wooden stool beside the sofa in which Uncle Stanley now occupied.
Uncle Stanley took her hand in his when she sat and squeezed firmly on it. Then he winked at her and returned his attention to the TV.
On the screen now,  a man had just pushed a women onto a bed,  yelling at her while she scrambled through the sheets.
He jumped into the bed and began to tear her clothes off,  exposing her breasts. Aisha could not tell if the woman on TV was screaming in delight or fear. The woman's face goes from smiling to pleading to agony.
The man began to kiss her savagely,  on her mouth,  her face,  her exposed flesh.
Aisha looked away and as she did she came eyeball to eyeball with Uncle Stanley who'd been smiling down at her the whole time.
Feeling the dread again,  she turned her face the other way,  avoiding the TV, avoiding Uncle Stanley's glare,  and just focused on the basket by the door.
When they got home that afternoon they had explained to their mother that Uncle Stanley kept them welcome for longer. 

They didn't talk about coming home late because they had been watching a film and Aisha didn't tell her Mother what Uncle Stanley had done.
She only went upstairs to her room,  closed the door and refused to have dinner.
She was in there till the next morning. 

to be cont. (Make Sure to Check back on the Blog for updates)


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I get it, Life can be Hard, things are tough, the Money comes and it leaves as though it had wings.  You have lost your Passion, in fact you don't even know what you are Passionate about anymore. Life just seems so bleak and you wonder if it is Something Wrong with you, or if God is just cruel. Is there even really a God, you ponder? Why is he making you suffer?
I understand where you are right now friend.

I understand this because I have been there. And I was there for so long until I began to uncover a Very important truth about Life.

Some call it the Secret. People have been speaking about this for ages.
All of Life's issues can be solved if you'd look at these 5 words really Closely and read them over and over till it makes sense for You. You must understand this: The Way you are feeling now is in direct correlation to the Thoughts You are thinking, Good or Bad.
The moment you are able to begin to guard your Thoughts, and Choose consciously to engage your Mind with thoughts of a more Positive nature, your Life begins to take an energetic shift.

But how? How Can I think Positively when Everything is so Negative you say? 
See, that right there is the Problem. 

For Your Life to Change, it first has to change in
Vision is a very Powerful gift that we have. Both inner and outer Vision. Your Perception of what is going on in your Life is formed from your Inner vision.

First you see things in the physical world, your brain processes the circumstances and tries to make sense of it and in your Mind, you give the Physical World Power by the Thoughts you Think.
And the power of thoughts is such that One Thought invokes another of its kind and another and another and it becomes a spiral of thoughts in the same energetic Frequency.
So if you are harboring a Negative thought, it would breed another negative thought of its kind and so on.
And if you instead think on Positive things and begin to see things differently, you get those Positive thoughts breeding on other Positive thoughts.

So for instance, you might not have enough Money right now for the things you need to do.

Perception 1: I am Broke. I don't have Money again. What kind of Life is this? Was I just born to suffer? Who can I call to borrow me money. I hate my Life. I'm so tired of everything.

Perception 2: It's time to learn to Stop Being Broke. This time of less and less is really making me think some more about my Life. What have I done to create money problems? I know I am a Valuable and Worthy Person, but how Can I materialize this Value in Cash physical equivalent? What can I begin to Do to Increase my income?

As one thoughts breeds another of its kind, you observe from the two examples above that one Perception breeds only thought patterns that are Negative while Perception 2 breeds positive thought patterns. While the former creates even more problems, the latter hints at Solutions.

You cannot get anywhere by Worrying. All of the Power lies within you.
But first you must change how you See things because it is by function of How you Perceive things that you are then Able to either Think Negatively or think Positively and depending on how you are thinking, It would be reflected in your Feelings.

How You Feel is the Perfect Indication of what kind of Thoughts you are Thinking. Your Feelings point toward the Mindstate. If Your Mind id out of Wack, you'd feel bad. If Your Mind is in a good harmonious State, you feel at ease. And what is the Mind made of? Thoughts. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.
Thoughts are the Programming Language of your Mind and you are the One Responsible for the Thoughts you let into your Mind.

Now all of that Said lets Get to Some Action Plan to get you out of this bad state you are currently in.

Every time in my Life that I had felt out of wack, I found that the Solution was to engage myself in Something that mattered to me. When you feel down, you find that you are unable to process things, you want to simply be in bed all day, not go outside, just coil up in your shell and feel bad for as long as is necessary.
While it is important to shutdown sometimes to reaccess your life, taking a Rest that then becomes longer than Rest is counterintuitive and ultimately does you no good.
Anything that makes you feel bad is not of God. Anything that can keep you in a state where you do not want to function to you highest potential is not of God.
If you would succeed in Life, you must be willing to fight back against the invisible forces that hold you Bound. YOU MJUST GET UP AND GET MOVING TO GET DOING.

  1. Find Something you would love to commit to, Something that you know would improve your life if you gave it enough dedicated Time.
  2. Decide that you are Going to do this for 30 Days. Decide also means, COMMIT AND BE WILLING TO PUT IN ACTION.
  3. Begin immediately on this 30 DAY Plan and encourage yourself everyday to keep at it.
  4. If you Slip up and Miss a Day, you have to Start over. Try not to let this happen
What would this do?
This would set you up for Responsibility to a Goal. When you are actively working on Something you Love everyday, you would be engaging your Mind in a new pattern of Action, Solutions, Problem Solving, Life advancement, Not Complaining, begrudging and being unhappy.
Your Job is to simply show up everyday and Do what You Say you'd do whether you feel like it or not. 

You are also going to become a Conscious observer through this process and watch how you Change as a person because of this commitment.

The Plan is to DO.
Make sure you are Up to DOING SOMETHING.

A follower Wrote in to me via DM on Instagram sharing with me her very low state of Being. You might be in one right now and so I hope my Response to her below would apply to You as Well.

I am soooooooo sorry for how you feel. I want you to know that you are only feeling this way because you are powering your mind by thinking negatively about things. How you see anything is dependent on YOU and you must Love yourself enough to see Yourself as God Sees you. You won't get through this phase of your Life without becoming greater than it,  and the only way to do that is to face it and observe what it is all trying to teach you.
Every single Experience is pointing you toward something, And until you know what that is and tackle it,  then that experience would keep repeating itself. You have become a storehouse of repeated patterns overtime and you have to understand that for things to Change,  you must change.

Nothing added,  no new job no new relationship,  not money, not travelling,  Just You! 

You are the one who needs Change. And You can only Change by what you do everyday.

I'd give you a Test Right now and If you can commit to it for 30 days you'd find yourself in a whole new Experience of Life that you didn't even know was possible. But first,  you must get rid of the idea of happiness from accomplishments, and let go of everything that has not worked up until now. Fuck it all to blazes and see yourself as brand you. Then pick one thing,  one thing you want to commit yourself to for 30 days and begin to do it. But you must do it. If you skip a day,  you have to start over. The Miracle is in being proud of yourself,  doing the work that God has sent you for. So pray,  pray and ask your spirit to guide you to do right thing. Trust the voice in your head,  and whatever it tells you, Go do That for 30 days straight. Discover what you'd learn. All of Life isn't about what we Earn,  It's about what We Learn. And if we are able to Learn,  then we can Earn. Pray. Start. Commit. Be consistent. Success and Love to you

Was this Post Helpful for You? Please Leave Thoughts, Insights and Ideas in Comments below so others can learn from your experiences as well.

BLUE BALLS - Short Stories | R16

an excerpt from the new novel "How I ended my Monday? ALONE, AGAIN"

"Fuck me." His voice was calm but determined, his eyes searching lustfully through her in the darkness. 
"How?" she asked,  enjoying the sudden shift of roles the atmosphere had taken on. 
Earlier he had been kissing her hungrily,  biting into her exposed flesh,  sucking on her young firm breasts and groaning like a wild animal. 
Now he just lay there,  intrepid,  unmoving,  asking her to fuck him. 
"Anyhow you like," he responded. He had one hand on her arm now,  stroking the tiny sightless hairs with a slow moving finger and electrifying her with energy. 
He had a way with her that she had not travelled on before with any of the men who now appeared like a blurry image in her past. 
No one had made her feel like that. 
Touched her like that. 
She somehow shrunk in size when she was with him and she feared that he noticed. 
Moving over to where he lay,  she pushed him so he lost the balance from his elbow and now lay flat chested on the bed. 
The dark room was lit by two little candles which burned slowly in their glass jars atop a table beside the bed. The light from the candles cast a saturated glow on his handsome face which she looked from now to admire his body. Rid of clothes, hard twitching muscles rippling the flesh of his arms,  his buttocks taut. 
She stroked it, then squeezed until he moaned in selfish delight. 
"Fuck me.." he said again,  this time there was a faint plea in his tone and it brought satisfaction to her ears. 
"Say please." 
"Please," he pleaded,  "Please fuck me."
She smiled. A smile only she knew about as he still had his back to her,  his chest on the bed. 
Without hesitation she lumbered over his long outstretched body, so that her body was flat on his now,  breasts to his back, limbs encircling limbs. 
Then she began to rock her pelvis against his buttocks, moving slowly,  then quickly,  then slowly again, like she was moving to a rhythm only she could hear.
His moaning had become a little louder now, as he rocked back against her. 
"Like this?" she leaned in to whisper the question in his ear, brushing her lips dryly on the lobe before taking it in her mouth,  nibbling,  biting, killing him with pleasure.  "You want me to fuck you like this?"
"Yes,  yes."
He was cowering under her. Moments ago he seemed to her the all male and masculine,  dominating her with his presence. Now he was just a boy,  pleading for the love onl she could give him on this Thursday night which was quickly becoming Friday. 
"Are you really going to leave tomorrow without seeing me?" Was the question he had asked her on the phone only three hours before when she called him to tell of her departure. 
"I don't know Emeka, I mean it's late." She said.
"Late?  That's not a good enough excuse to keep your sexy self away from me." He had a way with words that melted the rocks of pain that had wedged themselves in her heart since her breakup from Malik.
What was it now? Seven months?  Seven months apart and she still felt like she was doing something wrong whenever another man came into the frame that now held a too-gloomy picture of her life. 
Why did it feel wrong to be with someone else?  Malik could be anywhere with some other girl for all she knew anyways. Why did it matter what she did with anyone else? 
What has Malik got to do with this? 
"Are you there? Hello?" The smooth,  breezy timbre of his voice was like music to her ears. 
"You are not saying anything Yeesha,  I want to see you. I mean I'd love to see you if you want to see me,  which I hope you do."
"Emeka it's really late,  like it's almost 10P.M and you know I hate to drive at night."
"Who says anything about you driving babe,  I'd come pick you up."
The familiar phrase. 'I'd come pick you up.'
The last time he had said that,  they'd ended up in his bed,  on the floor,  on his sofa,  sweating,  panting,  eating eachother to lustful exhaustion. 
Now three days later and he was saying it again.
For her it was as though someone somewhere was replaying an old tape and ordering her life to it. 
But this Thursday night had not been like Monday. 
And as she knelt over him now,  his buttocks rocking back and forth against her pelvis and  soaking up her waters as they poured forth from inside her,  she knew.
She knew this was all they had...
to be cont. (Make Sure to Check back on the Blog for updates)

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What Worries You? A thought on Worrying That would Help You

What worries you?  Why do you look so worried? 
Worry does nothing but feast on the elixir of your life. It chips away a bit at a time and soon you'd find that you have nothing left to worry about but the worry itself. It is a vicious cycle. 
Don't give in to the illusion that worry presents you.
It does nothing but blind you to the possibilities,  the power around you. 
You cannot see anything good around you now because you have been blinded by your worry. 

Think about what it is you are thinking about when you worry and ask yourself if it really is worth worrying over. When you are done worrying do you have a solution?  No. But if you use the same energy you use to worry instead to search for solutions to your problems which are always readily available to you, you might have a solution. Or at least a hunch of a solution. 

A lot of healing is necessary. Healing is what you need. If you think a new this or that would help solve your problems,  you are right.  Only you'd be right for just a short time. You might get something new,  travel someplace,  receive more money, fall in love again,  and for a little while you really might believe you are happier than you were. Until time passes and the mask is pulled off.You would come face to face with the same troubles again,  with the same pain,  with the same wounds. 
It's like covering blemishes with makeup. Again and again,  more powder,  more concealer. But you'd have to remove it all and Face your true self in the mirror. 
If you cannot accept what you see of yourself,  you'd be needing more and more to cover up. 
More money. 
A new relationship. 
A new car. 
A new job. 
But still, The main problems persist. The wounds are still breathing,  needing healing. 

Purge yourself of everything. When you have nothing,  it becomes easy to have everything. 
Remove what's eating up the space of your heart. Face the truth of who you are. Go within and ask yourself honestly how to heal yourself. 
You'd find that the answers would come to you,  but you must be in tune to receive them.

When Life wants your attention,  it would stop at nothing until it gets it. Accidents,  sicknesses,  depression,  broken relationships,  loss of money,  financial hardships,  some of these are really only attention triggers to point you to a vital truth. 
We get distracted. 
We lose our way. 
To come home we may have to be jolted back to our senses. Some of us are really hard headed. We need the toughest kind of wake up calls. We may have to hit rock bottom sometimes,  as this is the best place for to make things anew. 
When all your chips are down and got have lost everything,  where do you go?  What do you do? 
God wants to talk to you. But it is so noisy where you have been, he needs you down here in your distress and pain. Here where there is no one left to turn to but God. 

So why Worry? Everything that is Happening now is simply bringing you back home, to yourself, to your truth, to God.

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Thank You very much. Your notes and Words are always inspiring

Special Slim

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You just come right through to save minds. I really needed this

Omotayo Tessi

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Eva Alordiah
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