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Ever Smoked Marijuana? You should Read this!

Today on #the11thCaller  we would be discussing the topic Marijuana, especially as it affects individuals and we would try to find out the changes they go through and their reasons for wanting to quit.
I know a lot of people who have smoked Marijuana at one time or another, whether from influence or from peer pressure, or have come in contact with it some other asides smoking it, and so many users I know at some point want to quit/ They talk about quitting for varying reasons most of them not yet expressed and so I am hoping that we can delve into the subject of Marijuana and really find out from several perspectives, what happens and where people get to in their lives to finally say
"Hey, enough. This isn't me,' like it was the case with me months back.

Call me tonight and Let's talk Marijuana! The fun part about the show #the11thCaller is we do not have to know what your real name is or who you really are, we just want to share your opinions on diverse topics no one is talking about with the world.

The show begins at 11PM tonight! 7 July 2016. YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED MEMBER TO CALL IN

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11, by Elohor Eva Alordiah
Thank you so much for joining in and volunteering to read my book '11'
Now that you have read this review version, It would give me great joy to read your thoughts directly as this is how I intend to Write more. By reading you more, I can write me more. What can you say about '11' so far after reading this review version I sent you?

Thank for your time. Feedback from you means a lot for me and helps me grow. I am going to be replying to all comments here so we can all have conversations about this as openly as possible, or necessary. You can Email me your thoughts too!

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