Knighthouse and The Scriptures

Yes, i feel sooooo good having to be on th antcipated scriptures album dropping this quarter of the year from Knighthouse. So i got down in the studio yesterday to record the joint i got to be on and guess who im sharing it with...Wizkid and T-wizzle, yepp, all them wizzy cats.

Track was nice, redording was dope so watch out for the song on the album " Nuffin like me"
I'm looking forward to it myself. Unbelievably i wrote my lines the day Michael Jackson died and there was just so much Michael going on in my head at the time so i end my verse with:
"i'm your thriller now you cannot beat it if you you tried
And im the smooth criminal that everybody likes"

Get it?

Feels like my little tribute to Michael Jackson. Well i'm home today, shoulda been at loopy studios to record my joint for TGIFthursday which has been tagged Jackson TG. Woulda been nice to be on stage but M.I made me do a rethink and i think makes sense at this time.

We'd see how this all works out. Still mourning Jackson.

Eva Alordiah

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  1. Jheez....ur verse in nuffin lyk me gets me hyped soooo much!!! Asin the feeling i got was the feeling i normally gt wen buying new underwear! Sori...i noe "too much info" LOL. buh serzly! meeehn....u killed it! Its d song that made me noe yhu tho. I knew i jst had to listen to more EVA! i wntd more nd still want moreee. NO HOMO sha. I knew smefng gud was coming out of the day jacko died.Ur swagger is too freeeesh. u sed it urself "fresh out d box lyk a nu pair of nikes. hehe....ur really the best jor.


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