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Michael Jackson Passes

  • 6/26/2009
  • by
Okay, so i finally decide to have a personal blog and i get to do it on the day when my mentor dies. Yeah yeah i do rap music, but Michael was just the artiste that made me wanna push as a dancer, an artiste and a perfomer. God!! i have been watching CNN all day like my life depended on it..Chai, me wey i no dey watch CNN before.
This day marks the begining of a lot, cause i think about all these and i reflect on life, my past, my present, where im heading with music in Ngeria, im here asking myself questions like "what his life and death means or represent"

I grew up loving and watching his every move. The very minute i started dancing on stage in secondary school, i went back to basics- Michael Jackson. Everybody does, Usher, Neyo, P-square, Chris Brown, Lloyd and no doubt about it, everyone in the industry in whatever genre was greatly inspired by this artiste we call the King of Pop.

It wasn't surprising that all radio stations were locked down with the greatest hits off his albums..CNN was constantly flooded with updated reports of the circumstances surrounding his death and news form the hospital where his body was taken, news from the streets showing clearly the reactions of fans. I really doubt that anyone could ever get this much love and support from the public even in death.
I'm typing this now, tuned to MTV and its the same- Michael Michael Michael

Wow, just yesterday, i was at Jimmy Jatt's to record my Jump off, it wasn't really a good one for me and i slept off feeling real bad only to be woken up by mom this morning telling me Michael was dead. You should have seen me, i threw myself off the bed and dashed out to watch it on Tv.
Though it wasn't the sorta news you aint expecting, because of his life and health was tumbling, it was just that sorta news you didn't think would come now. It was indeed a bold decision of him to wanna do 50 shows on a comeback tour. He obviously wouldn't have been able to go through with it because of health reasons, but now we would never know.

There's gonna be trubute concerts around the world, there's already RIP printed shirts designed by the second, there's gonna be a lotta tribute songs recorded by so many artistes in different genres, there's gonna be huge sells of MJ's albums in stores now that he is dead...there's already a wax statue of him and God believe looks every thing like him.

Its a sad day for music, its a sad day for pop culture, Its a totally sad day for the world.

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  1. I Love Mihael Jackson's Music. Will you become my Celebrity Girlfriend? Eva. I don't mean anything serious. Just say Yes or No. Your photos are lovely.. Mmuuuahhhh. We could go as far as Selena and Justin B who knows? Wil you sing and g it with me?


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