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Id Cabasa

  • 7/07/2009
  • by
Wow its been a really crazy weekend. Mom's birthday was saturday and I got her a really pretty chocolate cake that became waste cause there wasn't enough power to freeze it and we didn't have that many people to celebrate with.
Didn't I just wish I got her something better? Right now, I'm driving with I'd Cabasa to work on this joint he's been talking
about. Aparently I'm supposed to do it with some other chic, Monimo.. Mmhm she looks like a hard chic and I'm looking forward to hearing her spit in the studio. Good to know them ladies are repping hard.

Speaking of the weekend, I did a lotta fun things. My weekend started on thursday. Lol. Was at the galleria for TGFT.the Michael Jackson TG. The crowd was massive! Damn!! Give Lagosians awoof and they would rep to the fullest. We couldn't even get through the gates. It was crazy! But thank God for Osagie, our music momsy, she's always on point.
The performances were great and I think Sound Sultan was my favourite cause he owned the stage totally..I really wished I performed oh,, MI kept having second thoughts.
Anyway, back to the issue, I hope this recording goes well for all its worth.

im so tired!

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  1. lol...."give lagosians awoof??" I really dig that Under-rated song. It gets me going on a EVERY day! serzly Asin jst singing along to "MONIMO!...EVA!...WIT ID CABASA!" tuneeee doe!


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