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My Makeup Training Seminar

  • 7/10/2009
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So, i have been trying to put together this makeup training that would cater for at least 20 students..there are constraints on every level. Finances, a place to use for the training period, getting my makeup notes together, getting my registered studednts to trust me over the phones and emails. God!! Its so much work to work.

I have pushed the training one week away so its going to start on the 20th of July. I can pull this off.I know i can, well as long as i'm not messing my studio sessions up and i can meet up if there's work to do with music.

Its been raining all day!! Damn, connecting to the internet has been a die hard affair. Sometimes you love this weather, sometimes you just don't. I'm thinking about a lot right now, im still as single as single can get and sometimes all i really ask for is someone understanding to share my everyday experiences with.

Back to reality, io have got to get my training notes in other. Wake up Eva!

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  1. Work Work Work!!!! I wish u luck sha. Don't let those of us here down ohh. No pressure


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