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My Pop's up in my Head!

  • 7/24/2009
  • by
Starting out as a single young woman tryna get things done, tryna have have a better life, wanting to be independent...its crazy that finances aren't the only issues..Dad makes up for a bigger part of the problem. Yes you just can't break free, noted. But then there some things that just won't break. I'm at a point in my life where i have gotta choose between my careers and my dad.
Naturally, this really shouldn't too tough a decision to make but when you consider the odds, it does become one. I have gone through school, finally become a graduate and all these years, the old man really kept on saying, "Just get done with school and you can do whatever you want to do". Now the tory don change.

I'm barely 21 and now i realize that the real hustle has just begun. Yes i am scared of so many things. I'm scared of walking away from family to pursue what i love, i'm scared that i would not be able to cope..but i aint scared that i wouldn't succeed. I aint even scared about that at all, cause the Lord is with me. I feel it everyday, growing stronger round and about me..The Lord that started this good work is faithful and just to see it to perfection no matter the odds and the obstacles even if its my Pop.

I'm gonna be fine. I have to take a very calculated risk and see myself soar above it.

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  1. What a coincidink. I was listening 2 Under-Rated while reading this. Just got 2 d part abt ur dad. Don't worry b! Uve got support from all angles.
    We aint UNDER-RATED no moreee! We r now CELEBRATED!!! God bless abeg.


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