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On Jimmy's Jump Off!

  • 7/12/2009
  • by
Chai! Disaster! Trust me i wanted to cry for myself. How could i have done that? At a point, i didn't even know what to spit anymore, i began to spit off lines from "i dey play". Stupid but i later realised it was a good move cause for some reason, a lotta peeps have heard it on the radio so why not show them who the chic is.

And attention please!! I am not a lady M.I. I'm me. Yes I'm me. Y'all should stop saying i sound like M.I. Lmao
I had an idea this would happen after doing my version of "Safe". Every other joint i do, these people would relate with M.I. It would be nice for you guys to listen to me as Eva and stop connecting me to this and that person.

I watched the jump off, my ass on the floor, my laugh ringing out through the whole house. I couldn't help myself..I was like" "mehnnn na me be this?" But it wasn't that bad now bah?

Gist hot from the pot..I'm dropping a new joint on radio soon. Wait for it...wait for it...BOOM! I hope i get to satisfy you ever growing entertainment needs. I could try!

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  1. I liked your Jump off though. Keep it up gal.

  2. OMG ive got to look for that Jimmy's jump off video. Dyu have any idea where i can get it?? U noe dose of us that r nt in d country cannot access erm....naija stations. lol. Funny tho, my friend listened to ur song nd he was lyk "so shes lyk a lady m.i or smefng?" i totally had a go at him. Really told him off nd complained abt u complaning abt that. Only stopped nd thought 2 myself "Oh girl, ur talking lyk say u nd Eva bin gist abt the fng". Buh really, u are ur own person abeg. Feeling u on that thought.

  3. it was the best femcee freestyle shikena! and yh z height now a criteria for a rapper NO! lol


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