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The People Crisis

  • 7/17/2009
  • by
Last night i realised there was more to life than people. What people think, what they say about you, what they want you to do, what their opinions are, how they don't like what you do..people,people. People!
I am naturally not a people's person. I dont live my life by people's standards. Last night was one of mixed events, mixed feels, mixed emotions, mixed reactions...
I'm at that point where i'm supposed to make big decisions that could drastically improve or damage my life. The minute i decide to set my head down and think straight, the people thing takes effect.

I say this all the time, "i believe in myself but i don't trust myself, i trust God." Sounds corny but its the truth. Believe and Trust may be taken as the same but to me, they aint. Believe propels Trust. I'm beginning to sound like Gibberish yeah? Well thats what i sounded like last night having an argument when i was supposed to be having a conversation.

I've met people who think i can't do anything, people who have resolved it in their minds that i wouldn't get far without them. I pause and ask myself,"Them be God?"
You can't be anything because of another being, only God determines situations. People are only there because God has placed them for his plans to take effect.

I'm like hurt right now but i'm gonna be fine. Getting my shit together and gonna get me some, cause God says i can. You can too. If you live your life, not letting the "people thing" intrude.

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  1. hmm....i get ur people crisis. Evry1 goes thru it. It life,shit happens. I have to say those ppl r mentally retarded nd deluded for saying nonsense abt u. They r nt God ohh! At that point, u dust d dirt off ur shoulder nd move on. G*O*S*H* im givin Eva yans. lol. If it makes u feel better, ur lyk a very huge inspiration in my life ohh! Asinn its soo bad dat wen my friends want 2 giv me updates abtchu, dey say "cindy see ur eva bbe oh" lol. Ur too much of a leader jor. Im naturally very ambitious bt uve jst given me more reason to be. Feels gud. Don't worry, they shall b lookin at us taking First class jets from Opebi to Yaba! lol


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