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My first Performance

  • 8/22/2009
  • by
Aight, so its official, the music industry in Nigeria is going nuts right now..I stepped in last year, September with the a millie "i dey play" anthem y'all know so well. You won't believe ever since that joint dropped on your radios and phones, i never performed it until last Sunday. So you should know how i felt when Teddy Esosa called me up to do the Monster show at Oniru beach..Stupid scared, thats how.
First off, i had to get a performance Cd. Even after i did, i still felt awkward. For some reason, i couldn't even voice my own lyrics..nah, just kidding.
Oniru private beach was swamming as usual, trust them Gidicians, any small groove, them go dey there. My legs were wobbling, i wished for the beach sands to envelope me...yeah yeah, i had performed this track before but that was back in school when the jam was still fresh. For some reason i thought it wasn't anymore and them peeps wouldn't dig my performance. But guess what?? It turned out to be a blast!

To see girls screaming and yelling, pushing through the crowd just to get a better glimpse was really sweet to experience. Then everyone was rushing at me after i got off the stage, wanting to take pictures and all, telling me how they enjoyed have that kinda effect on people is just a blessing. It turned out to be a great show afterwards and i am looking forward to many more. Right now, i don't feel fresh anymore. Like for some reason, i aint scared of how people would react. Like my friend said,"If they love yoiu, they love you.

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  1. tho i wasn't @ oniru but sure the sky is only a stepping stone for u....good to knw u were a bowen chick!

  2. yup yup...if they luv u, they luv u. I feel lyk a stalker nw! dnt pull a restraining order on me ohh!!


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