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Str8buttah - Album Listening

  • 8/31/2009
  • by

You think of album listening parties in Naija, or any clubbing experience at all and never quite expect a complete hiphop only package. Never before seen, well at least for me, a club with Naija party people and the only music on the turn tables of the Dj is that of rappers and hip hop heads. It was an amazing thing not to have all that noisy Dum ke Dum - Dum ke reggaeton jam ans still have a great time in the club.
Str8buttah really made this work, from Mode9, Kraft, Terry tha Rapman, Teeto, Tha Suspect, B-Elect, Gidi Gang (Dark Poet, Cypher..), Ill Bliss,Black Jesus (from Emcee Africa), K-Soul, Plumbline, Phenom, Tha Kaliphate, many more dope MCs and of cause, my humble self.Lol

Performances were crazy. The night was cold but the club was on fire. So what happened when your dearly beloved Eva got on stage to rock it the female way - all the dudes in the club were transfixed, staring and looking lost. I got them, totally..Yeah yeah, aint tryna sound heady or nofn like that, but it sure was a totally beautiful performance. To be on the same stage with the rest of the Naija Hiphop clan, especially the chiefs and elders, isn't somefn that happens all the time you know.

Love to Str8buttah for putting this kind of event together, we really should do this more often y'know. If haven't bought the album "Str8 4rm the Art", You haven't bought any album yet. Seriously.

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  1. Thats what it is.Real hiphop heads both female and male,equally represented.That's how we should do it. Hiphop is an equla opportunity culture,Believe that.Wish they had your performance on video though

  2. U noe! Diggin the comment above abeg. Naw i feel razz cos i dnt have the str8 4rm the art album. Darn locations! I shall hustle 2 get me one. EVA HAS SPOKEN!

  3. Nice 1 lovin ur style. i love d style/rhymes u used on the Str8 Buttah produced "make em' say" most. Like u said in 1 of ur interviews i read...nothing can go wrong if u'v got a dope beat/ producer (or sumthin like dat)..but really,dat track killed it 4 me. i think u should do more stuff with dem, it's like they know hw 2 bring dat side of u to fore. but nice in all! go girl


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