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Terry Tha Rapman - Video shoot.

  • 8/03/2009
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Damn, it was a crazy crazy day for me. I really wanted to handle makeup for a video set, i just didn't think i was ready for it. Then Terry comes up and says he's shooting a video, what does Eva say? "mmmhmmn...i would like to take care of makeup for your models and charges." Like say na beans!

I got on set earlier than everyone else, well cause them boyz decided to do Nigerian Time. This was the first time i work on a sunday and yes i really didn't feel good working on the sabbath, i missed churche (holy, holy).lol
I was on set jobless for about two hours before them models started trooping in. Then i got busy. May i add here, i had never done this before,mehnn you shoulda seen me, dey there dey form makeup artiste. Clarence was around somewhere, came by a couple of times to check my work, i could tell he wanted to laugh at me but he was kinda supportive.

I took care of makeup for the guys, O.D, Terry, Pherowsious, Jay...them boys were not smiling oh..Then the models, about six of them that had variations in eyebrows that i had to save and construct with makeup. Feeling like a pro myself, i decided to take pictures of my work on set and guess what??? The yeye phone camera messed things up..the pictures didnt come out clear at all...didnt i want to cry? That was the only reason why i wanted to do this makeup so badly.
But its all good, at least i can still get to show you what went down yesterday..

See me oh..doing my work and all them T.V peeps taping the behind the scenes shoot wanted a piece of me on camera..Abeg if una see me for T.V they form makeup artist, don't yab a sis oh!! Its somfn i love doing and im really thinking of taking it up.. I say this all the time, one day one day, i'd stop doing music and jumping around on stage..I'd have kids and a fine sweet husband and i'd not wan work a nine to five job..lai lai!! At that time in my life, i'd be painting them faces with makeup and y'all would be buying my clothes off the shelves of your favorite records would still play on the radios cause they aint never gon die..When those days come, i'd sit back and say..."mmhmm, i started working this out before i turned 21, look at me now."

Here's a bit of this and that from yesterday's shoot.

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  1. lmaooo! lwkmd. "Like say na beans" hehe.... Don't worry, One day na One day. U shall rest witchur "fine sweet husband" lol. Gudluck!


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