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Black Jesus..

  • 9/14/2009
  • by
Funny name innit? But hey, the guy is everyfn you wouldn't expect. Okay, that came out wrong. He is charming, yeah and really very nice. Fun to be with, especially when everything he says has to be a punchline.
So he's back home from South Africa, without been crowned the MC for MC Africa, but life goes on abi? Within the hustle of music in Nigeria, recording and all, this cute dude still found sometime to wanna spend with me. So he calls it a date but i ruined it. Didn't mean to, it just so happened that i had to work today and he really wanted to take me to the cinemas but i had to turn him down. Didn't i feel bad?? Well, guess what this silly Eva decides to do instead?
We walk the streets of Ikeja aimlessly, laughing, holding hands and playing on the very busy Allen road. Was fun and we didn't have to spaend any money to have fun. So all you babes wey dey think say them suppose spend money before you happy, it doesn't have to be like that all the time! Yelsssss.
Black Jesus...Prefer calling him Desmond but its had to when he really doe look like the Jesus act we see on screen, and his long black hair is all straight down to the bak..

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  1. U ruined a date?!eyah, so ohh.Please tell ur sisters abeg. Money no suppose drop all d time. I've taken note of ur Ikeja strolling nd hand holding. I fink imma try it in Gwarinpa. lol


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