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Makeup - Interns- Photo Sessions - Beyoutiful!

  • 9/18/2009
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Shey i told you i was dedicating my time to helping people get better at Makeup artistry and build their own businesses? Well yes it was a successful Seminar and i can proudly say my students are up and running their own businesses now or about to.
Got to my office on Tuesday and one of my students was ready for her first photo session. She wanted it so bad because apparently, she had started securing makeover jobs with brides to be. Did i think it was the right time for her to start doing serious jobs? No. Was i in the right position to tell her what to do? No. So i just went with the flow and let her have her photo session.
But hey, it turned out great. Much better than i expected.
Millicent was even Nice enough to help out.
My intern had plans of creating a bridal look with one of her models but she didn't have a bridal dress to interprete the look. I said "well, you've had this all planned for today and i am in no position to ruin your plans. Lets make do with what we have." And what did we have? Nothing! Mnnhnmm
She created her looks on the models, choice of colors for the white bridal was distinct, unusual and surprisingly beautiful. I felt, "okay, we've done this, how about we just go take the photos and tell the photographer to crop the faces when its done." Smart idea nhmm?
So we got to the studio and while the session was going on, a the wardrobe behind me fell open, revealing bridal dresses inside. You see how God works? I thought "this is the stupidest thing ever."
With a huge sigh of relieve, my intern decided to go ask if we could rent the dress for the shots and yes we could! For just #1,000! Cool!
So we quickly dressed up the modelling bride in a beautiful gown and started taking the shots over again.

And oh yes, i decided to use the opportunity to add anoda look to my growing makeover collections.. Using one of my interns as a model, i fixed her up i high fashion and then traditional attire.

And that's what i came up with. Cool ahn? Hee hee..

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  1. Eva you are so talented and hardworking, i really admire you.. Keep it up gal. Love

  2. tis some magic, i totally almost culdn't recognise laila dere

  3. Really coool. Make-up is one fng i don't see myself doing. Wasn't born wit such talent. My cousin luvs it sooo much. Shes my own personal person in dat field. Wuld luuuurv 2 b a model tho! Still working on gettin across 2 my mum. I liikeeee d last photo.

  4. OMG!!! dis is lovely..kip it up.


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