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New Joint - In the works

  • 9/02/2009
  • by
So yessss i got Str8buttah to want me in their coming mixtape. Don't i feel fly? A whole Str8buttah? Thats the issh mehn. Well anyways, i was pampered like a star, taken to the studio and i layed my vocals on a very interesting instrumental. It takes a lot for me to like a beat but as soon as i heard this one, i loved it! No surprise but it wouldn't be your everyday normal Naija hard instrumental but its got this old vibe that makes you want to just nod your head and listen.
Aight, so the joint is still in the works but it would be nice to know what you think...abi? As usual, i couldn't figure out a title but "make em say" sounds like it would stick pretty soon. Listen to the joint on the left, your opinions are needed and respected.
Recording was fun but damn..I'm so tired.

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  1. I totally love this song and i can't wait to hear it on radios. Naija stand up for Eva. I loved you Jimmy's jump off too. You rock!

  2. Beat is hard and she is like cynthia rothrock on the track!!!Verbal kung fu-Abeg keep doing your thing sista!!!!! We got you

  3. Eva you totally surprise me, there is an obvious lyrical growth from your a millie to this one. You even rap pass the Naija guys sef. thumbs up. we got you

  4. spoken lyk d true artist dat u are. "Old vibe dat makes you want to just nod ur head nd listen" Tuneee!


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