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Shit's Going Down!

  • 9/24/2009
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So yes oh! Added to the plenty jobs i do, i have a new addition to my ever growing resume. Writing.
Yellss yellsss.. i'm gonna be one of the writers involved with Soundcity Blast Magazine.

Thanks to my ever increasing notes on facebook. Well them never finish to give me the job first, we are still talking about it. So im not officially a writer for Blast yet. Don't quote me oh! Mehnnnn, I'm like so tired.. you know when you feel like there's a huge weight on your shoulders and you can't lay it down? I'm messed up - pretty much. Been stressing so hard - i really need to chill. Seriously, if its not makeup classes with my interns, its studio recording or photo sessions - like say the work wey dey house never do me reach.
At some point last week i actually thought i was developing ulcer. God abeg oh! I know i have not been fair to myself, jumping outta the house too early to grab breakfast and getting home to end up with dinner that i might not even chaow. How Ulcer no go find me? stupid stupid me!
One of my friends on radio -yep you know him so well so no names - threatened not to talk to me again if i don't start eating well. I laugh. Mmnmmm Like say i no fit lie. But hey, who would i be deceiving?
So, im working with Cabasa again, Tomorrow. This time on my own joint. Looking forward to a fruitful session. He's a wonderful producer and he really is a nice guy. Its always fun when you work with people like that. Gotta go! Got lyrics to type. Yes ke?

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  1. Looking forward to reading your page on Blast. You are really a handful girl!

  2. cant wait to read ur page on blast. just dont stop kipin it real.

  3. Nyc one! Unfortunately, i dnt think i wuld ever see ur notes in blast. Im nt in naij! *wail*!! anyway, its all gud. I wish u success.


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