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What an Adorable Darling you are!!

  • 9/17/2009
  • by
Chai!! Na wa oh.. Somebody just made me cry.. Nah, not those painful heart wrenching tears, y'know those tears that spill when you fall in love?? Okay but seriously, i'm talking about a Kid here, still not sure if he is a kid but OH MY GOD...he totally blew my mind away.
So i open my inbox on Facebook and this is what i find....

There are too many blogs and opinion writers out there and it seems these days everybody’s a (bleeping) critic. So I’ll just keep mu opinions short and concise. I normally don’t do this because it would seem like I am trying to form familiar with a celebrity and I appreciate the fact that your facebook profile must be busier than MTN’s customer care line, but then again, it’s not every day a female MC blows your mind on a consistent basis lyrically. I was meant to do this sooner, but here it is

Long story short, I am a very shy kid who became a huge fan of yours and whilst I might not bombard your wall or inbox with constant comments or messages I am praying real hard for your success. From the very first time I heard you I couldn’t believe my ears and I trawled the internet till I discovered who you were. See the thing is most ‘femces’ brag about being the best but when I hear their work, it’s the same old rehash, like they are selling themselves short you know like a pygmy on eBay. Most if not all femces don’t have enough of those lines that make you go wow, but you have got several ‘y’all just chickens I’m the egg you wanna lay’ (yes boss, u r a rapper!). Asides from your obvious talent (on cartiar’s song you more than held your own, more than held your own), you also have an edginess and quirkiness that sets you apart (still cant decide if I prefer you with long or short hair, y did u cut it?) also you have an approachability which keeps your grounded and human(I mean you are no diva, I hope), please I pray you never lose these qualities because they are your strengths and enable people to relate to and with you. Also, you are very attractive and you don’t let it get to your head and I read your extremely saucy note and after several showers to return my pulse to normal, I noticed that you are also not above titillation which just adds to your entire allure.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I know you are already a star and you already have that buzz about you growing. I hope and pray you have a long and successful career, because irrespective of what anyone says, the crown of best female rapper is still vacant and I know you have what it takes to be that and so much more.
Weird thing is I’ve never met you but I want you to be successful so bad and although the episode of Jimmy’s jump off that you were on was aired like 3 times I managed to miss it every single time and I still kick myself about that. Someday in future if we meet, I’ll be honoured to meet you and shake your hand and if we don’t, it’s still then just know that there is a kid somewhere out there praying for your success daily. In my own little way, I’ve started to make noise about you to all my friends and when that day comes, and you are rapping to thousands of fans I’ll be the crazy kid in the front row cheering like crazy. I know you’ll do well. Never let the adulations of people distract you, you are talented and you have all the ingredients of success just add God first, then dedication, hard work and constant re-invention and even male rappers should watch out. I wont bother you again, I promise, just thot that you should know this as it had been weighing on my mind for some time, if this note bothers you please forgive my impudence, my over-zealousness is just as a result of me wanting you to succeed. All the very best and

God bless, Eva

PS: That line ‘One Aje butter turned Local’ , I might be wrong but I think there is a hook for a hit song from that line, but like I said I might be wrong. Cheers

If to say na you get this kine message, wetin you for do? Well, here's what i did. I replied!

Wow..i don't know what to say. You have completely brought me to tears and i am awed by your intelligence. I'm a writer myself and it was an exciting experience to read from an interesting writer.
I am grateful for this, it has not only inspired me, but also made me feel like i am worth a lot more. Even if i never get to make an album, i'd compile all my works and be glad that i have at least one fan that would want it.
You have made me smile, and laugh and cry at the same time that its hard not to be completely swept off my feet. I bet you are good with the ladies. lol
Would be nice to speak with you on the regular. would also be nice to write a song and have a bit of you in it? So, how about you call me up sometime and serenade me with all this sweetness that you have wirelessly given via facebook?? 0706854****

Thank you so much for eerything. Love. 1

P.S - You are the best thing that's happened to me today. Thank u

Yes oh..that was what i said.. There was a whole lot i wanted to say but..
Hey, now i know my number one fan.!

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  1. Ahhhhh! u don't mean it. Dis one is a die hard fan ooo lol . . nyways, u'v rily got mad skillz. Jst spotted ur blog nd traced it back to ur FB lmao! it's bin added to my list. I'm a fresh blogger. Nice work girl nd keep 'em coming.

  2. lol. damn! i shud have sent a msg instead of all dese suffer suffer comments. CINDY!! i almost didnt comment on this. didnt noe wat 2 say. buh i gats giv it 2 the boy. He really tried. Ur actually veeery nyc ohh. ahaahn.....the crown is ur own already! :D


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