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Day Before - Owo ati Swagger video shoot!

  • 10/16/2009
  • by
Imagine this - I have just had my hair cut really nice, the best its ever been - i got my nails did so i look like the babe, you know, not the whole tomboy looking me, i have tried so hard to keep my skin smooth and clean but with all these waka waka thats kinda hard right now, i have practically run up and down Lagos but still not ready for the video tomorrow cause my outfit aint ready - well not exactly.
Today is the 14th of October and its been a really long 14th, really tiring one too. At the end of all the running around, i get home, have a coooool shower, take a look in the mirror and BANGGG!! I realize Kachi and I still have the "not talking to you" going on. Sad yeah, cause it would be nice to at least have someone to talk to at this time of companion need.

Ve been practically on lockdown lately, spent all the money that made me feel a bit secure tryna get this video costume ready..this one wey i don dey talk about the video sef, i bet if it comes out y'all would be like " the costume wey she dey hala say she dey buy be that??" Lmao. But seriously, its nofn serious oh!

Guess what just happened..Im typing this yeah, in the house alone with Mom (everyone has audied away) and she walks into the sitting room and almost screams "your aunty just called oh, said she saw you on TV. Ehen ennnhn?"
For real ehn, my folks take this my music thing 100% less seriously, and sometimes, thats okay cause you know one day, they gon be like "Whatt? Thats my Girl!" Yeah right!

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  1. G*O*S*H* ur outfit ur mahd joor. whoever criticizes it, shege banza deir fada! lol. too much swagger.


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