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I.D ENTITY Album Review

  • 10/30/2009
  • by
And the opinions keep coming!! The album has not even spent a month in stores, yet critics are hellbent on smashing its sales.
One thing i have learnt in the industry as a rapper/entertainer is, you never can please anybody. Your music would always be accepted with mixed reviews.
This year 2009, has been the shayo/dance/money/swag/dum-ke-dum-ke beat year in music. Every new song that's been released this year has been revolving around these topics. It is no surprise however that it is dificult for people to accept change, even when it occurs in a more positive way.
I.d Cabasa is a genius. No. I.d Cabasa is a GENIUS! Working with him was the best thing that happened to my career as a rapper. He is so very humble, probably the most humble after 9ice, lol.
When we got to the studio to record "Underrated", i was amazed by how very technical he was about his music. He has the undeniable ability to make things work even when they seem like they wouldn't.
I have listened to the I.D ENTITY album over and over and it is so beautiful from track one to the end, each song with its ringing message. Constant with the proverbial delivery Coded Tunez is known for, and a collaboration of amazing acts, from, Durella, BankyW, Kayefi, 9ice, Ikechukwu, 2phat, Lord of Ajasa...

Im listening to "Day by Day" track 3 off the album and the production is just beautiful. I.d Cabasa talks about how successful he has become, telling you about his hustle from the early days of his music, till now..making sure to let you understand it was all by the grace of God, infusing his beliefs as a Christian.
Then there's my personal favorite, the "Street Credibility" Skit done by Kayefi. I love this song cause Cabasa reproduced his original production "Street Credibility" by 9ice, making it difficult for a listener to think of the original.Its a totally different song altogether and Kayefi really held it down.
"Alujo Repete" Track 8 off the album featuring BankyW is a beautiful song that would cut across different age groups,
and then of course "Underrated" track 15 in which I feature is a song for the women that is gaining attention by the minute! Aint i glad i worked on this album.
I could type a lotta junk that would come off as bias reviews, im in no position to give reviews, but i can tell you that even with the fact that i featured on this album, (which automatically gives me the right to free copies according to Cabasa), i still went out to buy it.
One thing i noticed though, is he made a successful effort of reaching across every type of music listener. Not every artist can do that. Make an album where there's a choice for everyone.

Then somebody from nowhere who probably didnt buy the album, (we know say na bluetooth dem dey take get our songs), would come out and make personal reviews become a personal slandering situation.
This is what Nigerian listeners have to say on NotjustOk, on Nairaland, on Facebook..Mhnmmmm
We all have our rights to our opinions. Buy the album and make yours. I just did. On my personal blog!! Thanks for reading. Listen to Underated (Cabasa feat Kayefi, Eva, and Monimo) here.

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