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Music in the System

  • 10/14/2009
  • by
There's been a whole lot going on this past weeks and i can't wait to type it all up here. First up, im looking to get my ass in the studios and put out new records. Nahh, not mixtapes oh, serious gbedu, if you know what i mean. So yeah, ve been writing a lot, well not writing per say cause i type my lyrics on my laptop. Even if typing is the only thing i do to show i am a graduate of computer science, abeg make i dey type dey go. LOL.
Yeah, ve been typing a lotta songs and they are coming up pretty good, all thanks to God. To spice things up a bit, im doing some singing here and there. Yes oh, I CAN SING!! Not that whole Asa kinda singing oh, but don't be surprised when ve got records coming out and i sound like some heartbroken babe off the slum. Nah, its not that bad, but hey, i dey try, what can i say? I can't fit shout now?

But writing songs, espeacially rap isnt as easy as i make it seem.. It could be sometimes though, espeacially when im talking about issh that affect me directly, or when im really in the mood. These days ve just been letting my mind roam on a lotta diverse topics, so if you hear a song on the radio and i'm saying issh like

" woke up these morning with nuts in my thighs
feeling like ve totally been cut into slice
these people here make me feel my thoughts with the lies
if im the reason that you loosing
mehn i dont sympathize "

Please don't loose it, i aint crazy just yet.. But im getting there. Soon come. Lwkmd

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