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On set - Owo ati Swagger(Remix)

  • 10/18/2009
  • by
Lights - Camera - Action!! It was crazy tiring fun last night at the shoot of Owo ati Swagger. Everyone was there, well almost. Knighthouse crew, Waje, Bukwhylla(i hope i spelt that right), Blaise, Skuki, Tha Suspect, Smokie, Terry tha Rapman, Gino, Tha Grin, Cartiair, Jamix, Monster Music crew - plenty so much more other people- the place was swamming!!
Apparently, Cartiair booked two shoots for the day, "Perfect girl" and "owo ati Swagger". Clarence decided to shoot owo ati Swagger last so i was stuck doing nothing till about 7pm when the shoot started. And so the shoot starts by 9pm and Clarence says he's going to take my scenes after everybody else - so of course my takes weren't taking till about 11pm!!
When it was time to get the cameras rolling on me, it wasn't hard to tell why i had to be shot last. Clarence put me on the roof of a massive truck!! It was nice to see the view from that height though, look down and have everyone else look up at you. Lol. But God, the lights were blinding! They were cast directly on my poor face, i was sweating like hell! I stood on the roof of that truck, wearing pin pointing high heeled shoes and my feet and knees buckled under my weight.

Finally at about 12:15am, Clarence said the words i was so dying to hear "alright folks, thats a wrap!" Yessir!
To think i hadn't eaten all day, my pack of food was in the car all through the day cause Jennifer won't let me eat. She said i was going to mess up my lip gloss with food!Very mean yeah? But i had to abide oh, how i for do now?
You shoulda seen how i dashed into the car to grab the pack as soon as we rounded up. Still i couldn't eat - at least not all alone. Both Clarenc and Suspect pounced on my poor little pack and we had to share it.

Anyway, back to the video, y'all watch out for it. From everything that happened last night, preparations and all before that, and with Clarence Peters' large imaginative instints, you sure would wanna bet these videos would come out clean, neat, perfecto!

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  1. God Bless u for this *winks*

  2. @Jaga Amen ohh. Thanks love

  3. Good luck with your video. First time here. You're very creative.

  4. Thanks Myne - thats real sweet of You. Im blushing!

  5. Had to say mehn. The truck thingy was greaaatt!!! asinn.....dats wat dragged my eyes to the video oh! what can we say, "save the best for last" It was too gbaski jor. Well played. Atleast ur effort(hunger, heels, etc) wasn't wasted. ;)


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