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Sokoto here i COME!

  • 10/30/2009
  • by
I can't tell you sincerely how i feel right now. Im not shocked, no far from it. I didn't try working my NYSC posting out so shocked wouldn't be the word. I think i laughed the first time i heard i was posted to Sokoto. Then it hit me! I'm going to the hottest part of Nigeria! A sharia ruling state. Whats worse, it is miles and miles away from freedom and safety.
Im i going to stay there for the whole year my NYSC service is to run? I dey craze? Nonsense. The corrupt runz wey i no wan do before, i go do am die.

I donno how, but im gonna get myself redeployed to Lagos. How now?How can i stay in Sokoto? I never intended to even do this NYSC nonsense before, the stupid people just gave me a better reason not to. Im going to camp on Tuesday, 3rd November. Hopefully i'd make it through the 3weeks of camp and after that, zoom!!
When i told my silly school daughter about it, she said
"Sokoto? Ahh Eva, you'd wear long scarfs on your fine mohawk, the sun would burn you black, plus all those their sharia laws..Your swag will just die!"
I couldn't laugh enough.
Im trying to look at all these on the bright side, according to Tosin Bucknor, Sokoto has got a massive P coming their way..Me. Yes ke. Lets show them who's Boss!
Stupid me, they'd cut off my toothpick legs before i would even do anything.

So, im off on Tuesday. Y'all should say a prayer for me. I'd need it. Yikes!

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  1. All the best at camp, I'm sure you'll enjoy it so much you'll stay. LOL. Take care sha

  2. Lol...well your swagger don't look like it's died and your so called 'tooth pick legs' are still there ..I hail u ..don't know if I wanna do this NYSC business

    nice blog hun


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