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Underrated - On Cabasa's Album

  • 10/17/2009
  • by
This song blows my mind all the time..not just cause im on it but because Kayefi's singing just does magic! Remember when we was in the studio to do this song,i heard the beat for the first time and didnt quite like it. I argued with Cabasa over and over, the dude isn't one for many words so each time he turned around to stare at me,it wasn't hard to tell he wanted me to wait for the finished product.

And today, the product, Underrated, has become one of the songs loved by listeners of the album. Trust me, as vain as i am, i have googled the internet for any information on this song, whether good or bad and i found this one on Nairaland.
This was a note written on facebook by Segun in review of the song.
Its nice to be a part of the compilation of an album from a great producer, whats nicer is been talked about as a result of what your contribution was. I love the song alot and seriously each time i listen to it, i do a quick rewind to listen to myself again and again. Truthfully, my lines where from somewhere deep inside and this song was one that wasn't difficult at all to interpret.

When you do a song for the women, pointing out the fact that people expect less from us, in the industry espeacially, its not hard to put the situation in words.
Fav Lines for fans

"we used to ride Okadas, now we driving rovers
First class jets from Opebi to Yaba.
Now we getting presence in the whole of Alaba
Cooking up this issh in the kitchen withn Cabasa..."

Y'all go get the album, trust me, its a good buy. With songs by BankyW, Ikechukwu, Durella, Nice, Seriki, the street credibility remake by Kayefi, and much much more!

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