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Camp - Day Two

  • 11/30/2009
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Camp - Day Two

"Get up! Double up double up!" That was what woke me up to the early morning of November 4th. Soldiers everywhere in the room, not caring if babes were sleeping half naked or not. I hiss loudly and stare at my watch. WHATTT?? 3 A.M?? For what?!! 3 fucking A.M?
Before i could hiss a second time, one of the soldiers banged on my bed with a stick "I said get down!!" He yelled. I didn't know the force that threw me from the top bunk to the floor. Without even remembering to wear panties, i throw on my white shorts, almost wore my bra inside out in all the rush and panick and dashed outside holding my sneakers in my hand.
My all white gear was on the large size. I looked like i borrowed clothes from my dad. Everything labu labu. The sexy white gears i brought with me from Lagos was in the luggage Arik air left off so i couldn't complain. I had no choice but manage the kit from NYSC.

This morning however, the weather was so cold. The winds violent, and my lean body shaking on every side. Very surprising cause the day before was as hot as hell. Apparently, the harmattan had begun in this part of Nigeria. We spend the first 3 hours on the field doing nothing but listen to some long sermon and learning the NYSC anthem afterwards. By 6A.M, it was obvious these people were not ready to let us go. The drilling began with full force, every order from the soldiers was entering my left ear and going out through the right. I was pissed.This was the begining of my 3week nightmare and i already knew i would loose my mind before it ended.

We were still on the field by 12pm when Arik air officials came to drop my luggage. From the back of my mind somewhere i heard a soldier yell, "Who is Arik?!"
Because i was expecting them to come through that day i knew the call was for me. So i braced myself. "I say, who be Aeroplane for here?"
I didnt even know how i pushed myself out in front of the crowd.
"Yes sir" i yelled. Hoping my response was right
"Na you be Arik for here?"
"What? You no get respect for soldier?"
Now i was scared.
"Yes sir" i mumbled the words.
"Sir yes Sir," I repeated realizing what he wanted me to say.

Standing in front of everyone on camp, my mohawk high up to the sky, my labu labu clothes hanging loose from my body, i felt so fucking embarassed. Me. Eva. Na like this them rubbish me first day for camp. Nonsense!
From that day on, they tagged me Aeroplane. All the soldiers called me aeroplane. As if my mohawk didnt make me popular enough, eveyone on camp now knew me. The girl with the mohawk. Aeroplane

They didn't even know my name!! Msschewwwww!

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  1. This was a funny one. All the best Aeroplane.

  2. Lmao.Glad you liked it.

  3. u be Arik ?

    hahaha ur blog is giving me too much joke! Don't meet ppl like u in Naij ...

    This NYSC bizness sounds crazy ...3am ??? for what ?? nah mate .... that's too much ..they should chill...

  4. uuuhhhh!! aint i glad you find my blog interesteing?more glad you stopped by.
    But seriously though, it was 3Am, the first day. after that it was 4am for like the next two weeks. I think they started getting tired afterwards.


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