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Camp Love - Yes Oh!

  • 11/30/2009
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Back on camp, i became close friends with Taiwo, beautiful chic from my school who was just that, back in school. My school mate. Funny what NYSC does to people. Taiwo and I made it a habit to count the cute boys on camp. Apparently, i started it when i said.."Shit, which kine nonsense be this? Not even one fine boy!"
We laughed about it and soon started counting the cute ones as we came across them.
I took special interests in a couple of our "cute dudes" but one particular one got me stuck. Tall, built, sexy, and fine, he had a part of his beard tinted light brown towards gold. Very distint. It was the first thing you noticed about him. We counted him as number 5 on our list and nicknamed him A4 cause he looked like some other A4
from our school.

J on the left

One night at mammy market, he walked up to me while i was charging my phone and said..
"Hi. Nice hair."
God! i had been waiting for that since the first time i noticed him. I gave him my flirty smile and said, "Nice beard". That got him blushing. Yes! I nailed it.
"Whats your name?" I asked, dying to hear his answer.
"Jigga," he said. I laughed
"What? Seriously, whats your name"
"Olujigga," he replied, i laughed harder. Dude had a good sense of humour. Sexy
"Eva," i told him mine, keeping a pretty smile plastered on my flushed face.
"The name is Gbolahan but everyone calls me Jigga," he added

One thing led to another and i said ,"Please can you help with booze?"
Alcohol isnt allowed in Sokoto, i think its a sharia thing. You had to be coded about it and dude seemed like that person that could get it whenever he needed it.
"Oh sure" he said. "Would get you one. Let me have your number so id call you when i have it". convenient. But then again, i really wanted him to have my number. Hell, i wanted to see him again!
He got me a drink that night and we became friends afterwards.
Two days into our growing friendship, i fell ill. Terribly ill.
He became my private doctor. Took care of me like i was all that mattered in the world. I don't think i have had anyone take care of me like he did. He was so sweet and tender, was ready to do anything to keep me strong, got my meals, my drugs, took me to the clinic, was with me all day...i was ill for more than three days and he was there for me all the time! Who does that? I thought it was real sweet of him and it wasn't long before i began to see him as more than a friend. He became a brother. A helper. A man -for me.
We became an item on camp. The two most popular people coupled up, everyone noticed. If there was ever an award for "Camp couple" we would have won all votes. Seriously!

Camp Love.

Throughtout our stay on camp, we did everything together. Had fun. One time he took me outta camp to town and taught me how to shoot pool. That was a lotta fun. There's so much more i would like to tell you about this but i would tell you this one though- we are still very much together even now that camp is over. Hee hee, love never die!

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  2. Lmao...good u was honest bout ur feelings for Jigga and didn't give him some tough tym! U didnt say nufin bout ur palsie...abi she no get any of em 'nice dude' Cool story sha....

  3. Awww, camp love...enjoy it dear...LOL

  4. My palsie's love yeah? pictures coming right up. Thanks y'all for reading. Im reading this myself again and again and it brings back memories. Kai

  5. Awww Camp Love that's so sweet!! I heard a lot of people meet their love in camp lol ...crazy stories ...u two look so cute Bonnie n Clyde baby

  6. Bonnie & Clyde yea? i agree! we do damage when we are put together. seriously! Lmao


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