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NYSC Camp - Day one

  • 11/30/2009
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Sokoto. What a nightmare. From the minute i got my call up letter up untill i got my flight ticket, i couldn't stop thinking about how bad the experience was going to be. First i cursed the whole idea of NYSC, then i cursed myself for not working out my posting. In the end i have a lot of beautiful memories from Sokoto. Friendships, hardships, the paramilitary training, the soldiers, the very hot scorching sun, the very dry cold weather, the empty expanse of lands...i have a lot to share with you and im going to break them down into a couple of different posts. But first,


We board Arik air and arrive Sokoto at 2pm. On arrival, i realize my luggage had been dropped off at the Abuja airport when we had our stop at Abuja. What nonsense! Who does that? How can sensible human beings drop my luggage in Abuja when i was on board to Sokoto? These and many more qusetions flooded my mind as i flew into a rage at the desserted Sokoto airport, yelling and cursing at the poor airport officials who had nothing to do with the irresponsibility on Arik's part. Not just me, but about five other corpers had this problem. In the end, after several phone calls, it was confirmed our luggages were safe at the Abuja airport and would not arrive untill the following day. Pissed and disgusted as we were, we still had to report to camp that day.
Lucky me, i had my documents and necessary papers in my handheld bag so i had no trouble registering at camp. But getting into camp nko?? You go fear now. The first thing i noticed was the sand..dusty dry endless roads of sand. Then Flies. Big black buzzing flies. Everywhere! What the fuck! The sun was burning hot, you don't want to imagine. I have never in my entire life felt the heat of the sun like that.

With the annoyance of not having my luggage and the thought of pushing through the growing crowd for registration, i couldn't help but think of my Gidi life. How i missed it. Then i realized everyone was staring at me.
Dressed in skinny jeans, tucked in my sweet white sneakers-i looked quite normal. So why the fuck were these people staring at me? Then i remembered. I have a mohawk on. My hair cut stylishly, my sunglasses even adding more to my rockstar look. Of course! These silly people must see me as some spoilt kid from the city that wouldn't last a day in camp. Mscheeeww!! Them never see nothing.

I breeze through the crowds, find a couple of friends from school and we team up to tackle the annoying registration process. We didnt get to go to bed till 10pm. Bed?? A flat piece of battered matteress that i had to place on the iron bunk. As soon as i lay on it, I knew...
My suffering had just begun.

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  1. Lmao ...I like the way you made your entrance in to camp dem! mohawk ...never seen tht in Naij b4 ...

  2. lolz.....sounds lyk sea-school bt a bit worse. u guys wer sneaking in booze, we wer sneaking in suya. :D


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