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The Life and Times of E - 2009

  • 12/01/2009
  • by
I think this happens to us all. The year comes to an end and you think it necessary to sit down and reflect on the good the bad and the very bad. No not ugly. Hee hee.
I have found it extremely necessary to reflect on the year 09. God! I still remember January 1st like it was yesterday. Hell i even remember my facebook status update that morning - "Welcome y'all, to 2009ja!" - Seriously i still believe i was the one that started the 2009ja tingy. *winks*

In 2009 -
I cut my hair, styled it up and rocked it on not giving a diggy what people thought of it. Me? I thought it was the best step i ever took.

Now when people talk about me, they say "that new femcee with the mohawk" Hee hee - Turns out eerbody loves it. Im gon switch it up soon. All i wanted to do was shoot a video before i did, and "owo ati swagger" drops soon. Y'all look out for that one.

I graduated from Bowen University -
At thanksgiving service for Grad students '09. Chai see my ostrich neck.lmao

Biggest step of my life. I hate school. Sorry. I HATE SCHOOL!!" But i passed through it and excelled. You know how they say you can't succeed at what you hate? Na lie! My hatred for school made me work so hard cause i couldn't bear to have an extra semester or extra year or any extra quanta. No time for nonsense. God was so merciful, i couldn't have done anything without him.
Let me share my success prayer line -
"Lord, may your spirit never depart from me"
I believed in that one lined prayer so bad that i said it eertime i got the chance to.

I got heartbroken - not once but twice
Now you ask, how is that possible in a year? Well forgive me for being stubborn to learn. Forgive me for being trusting of my undecidedstateofmind. I have learnt from the past now, im a better friend, confidant, lover and woman. What don't kill you makes you stronger yeah? Thats another lie. The word is harder. What dont kill you makes you harder. There's a difference. Right now, when it comes to friendships, relationships, love and all - Eva goes hard. Yes yes yo! I treat this binsh like its a fucking rap game. Lmao.

Michael Jackson passed away
And that was the day i decided to start a personal blog. I thought it was wise to have a journal on my life. Everytime when i log on my blog im like "Wow, i remember that!" My sweet public diary.

I served My country - Batch C corper
Yes yes yo. Even though we both know i aint gotta do this issh, i wanted to. No reasons. I thought it was gon be fun. You know, meeting new peeps, travelling outta Lagos (i was really hoping to be sent to Calabar, Abuja, Port-Harcourt or something) So guess how i felt when i saw SOKOTO on my call-up letter as my place of posting?? Omo, i died!! When i ressurected, i found myself on the plane to Sokoto. After spending the three weeks for orientation, I knew i couldn't survive another day in Sokoto. God sef know better thing. My redeployment was successful and im back in Lagos. NYSC? Na inside studio i go dey serve. Yes yo.

I gave Love another chance - I had to
Im sorry, i had to. I decided to share again. To care again. I decided to give, to take, to be a part of someone's life, to be faithful, to be someone's helper. I decided to love again. I can tell you like Aaliyah said (bless her soul) - If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself up and try again - Im trying again. This time im better at it. I learnt from the past and my slip ups, i make better every minute. Like i said, this time -i go hard.

I met M.I officially

<< M.I - Rappo Jacko

Did i ever say i gave up my music one time in my life?? Yes oh. In 2005. I just locked it up. Then i heard crowd mentality by M.I and i said WTF?? I loved him immediately. Kinda like he resurrected my urge to be a part of Nigerian music. So it was no surprise when i heard "Safe" september last year and decided, "Yo, im gonna do that shit.Ve gotta do that!"
So i took my toothpick legs to the studio, spoke to Clarence Peters about it and he said Suspect should make me a beat. Then he said "No. Let her do it on 'a millie'"
I said "Huhh?"
He said "Thats it. You do it on a millie"
I got in the booth and recorded my break single. After spitting my verses, i realize, the song was hookless! Suspect said "Yo, no be play you dey play?Abi na serious single be this?"
Before i could say "Jack" Suspect was in the booth screaming into the mic - "I dey Plaaaaayyyy". And thats how the song came about.Listen here.
With the excitement of having my own Cd in my hand, i rush out of the studio, dash off to Star Fm and hand my only cd copy to Teddy Esosa - my very good friend that's been waiting for my song since 2004. He was so excited about it that he slammed it on the radio that night. I can't exactly tell you in typed words how i felt. I called all my friends on my phone book to tune up their radios. In less than 3weeks, the song was on every major radio station. I didnt even print promo copies. Teddy was nice enough to do that for me!
Ah ahn, i was talking about M.I bah? Chai! See as my gist just change..
M.I heard the song and loved it. Somehow we hooked up and his first words were, "You dey rap ohh!"
You should have seen my blush that day, like babe wey dem dey toast. He said stuff like "You are the issh" "You are a better rapper than i am" (dey wine me), "I have to work with you" You have to be on my crew, another Choc boy"

With all these and more, would i give up music? Never ever! Lai Lai!

I did Music right!
Got to work with Knighthouse, Kel, Wizkid, Eldee, M.I, I.D Cabasa, Tha Suspect, Cartiair, Terry tha Rapman, Str8buttah, Da Grin and the list soon becomes endless. Yes yes yo. Im just having fun right now. God bless 2010, y'all wait for that.

I shot my first major video -
Well my very first video was in 2005, i was in a cameo for a song by chic named "Ebony". In the video, i sat with a group of girls in an eatery, with drinks on the table (drinks that we didnt open not to talk of drink). Till tomorrow, my mom still makes fun of that. My brothers too. But hey, new video drops real soon,lets see who'd be laughing now! He hee hee

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  1. Well done madam...go getter I like u jo! You look like such a chick with tht head tie ..have this swagger dwn on

  2. Lmao. Thanks for reading love.

  3. G*O*S*H* gats say, the hairdo is dope! nd if u really did come up with 200nd9ja den u tried ohh!lol... dnt worry abt ur heart. Na God wey put am, na God go heal am. You wer too crazy in Owo Ati Swagger vid jor! and lmao! @the fact that u guys didnt evn touch the drinks in ur 2005 video!! haha that must have bin a hilarious day.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What doesn't kill you, makes u HARDER. Point taken.
    Btw....who did the vocals for under rated??? Its tooo much! And while recording I dey play, did u jst run in and freestyle?? Dats hw u made it sound. Must have bin really coool! No dey threat me. lolz!


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