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My Really Cool Peoples

  • 12/01/2009
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Back in Sokoto, I would have been lost, sick to death, pissed at the world - if it wasn't for these beautiful people in my life. We had our meals together, went for lectures and parade together, took care of eachother and stuck like glue till the very end!


We never really talked while we were together as students in Bowen - but Sokoto made us the closest ever. We was like twins- we did everthing together, from eating, walking, marching, hiding in the room during parade, scoping the fine boys on camp(out of joblessness) - EVERYTHING!She was even my bunkmate. I dont think i would have survived Sokoto without her.

When they talked about me, they talked about her. Safe to say we was the most popular babes on camp. I think. lol
"That babe with the Mohawk"
That babe with the mohawk's friend"
That babe wey dey rap - na her friend be that"
Yeye people, that was how they talked about us.
I have come to know her as a real sweet woman, really warm and caring.Aint i glad for Sokoto?


Qudus and Olamide

Chai! This dude is a fish for alcohol! He drinks, swims and drowns in booze. I really don't think he is like that normally but put a man in an NYSC camp situation and then tell him its a sharia state and he cannot drink. Seriously, what you think he'd do if he sights a bottle? Q was always about the booze. When he got it, he didnt drink - No way, Dude drowned! He was the life of the party though, making everyone laugh everytime. Did i mention, he was also a student in my school and we disliked eachother?? Yes oh, but Sokoto put us together like bread and butter. Beautiful!


Mnmmmmnn...this one, i cannot describe completely in words. He is a full bred Gidi boy. Infact a graduate of Unilag. It was nice to have a partner in the DEATH OF SWAG fear. Dude was such a butty, but if you ever said it to him, he'd sure argue. He was the main supplier of booze back on camp. From Remy to Red to Squards to Calyps, and all all all you could think of. When human beings were loading their bags with NYSC kits and all, dude was filling up every ghana - must - go bag available with Booze (Nahhh just kidding.lmao)

He was in my platoon, same with Qudus and Taiwo.
I first noticed him when Taiwo and I counted him as number 4 Cute dude on camp. But that was not the only thing i noticed. Nahhh. Dude has got a fine ass!! Real fine nice firm ass! Everytime we was on parade ground i made sure i poitioned myself behind him so i could watch his ass move when he marched. Please forgive my obsession for man nyash - Im sorry. I cant help it. lwkmd
We became real close tho..really really close. I know what you thinking now, nahhh not like that.

Deji on the left
We met on the flight to Sokoto. We was both in school together but i never knew him though. Dude seemed quiet - well he is. Im not one to be quiet all the time - why you think i is a rapper?? Rappers talk - not too much though cause errtime we do, we make sense. YB
Coincidentally both our luggages were amongst the ones Arik air left off at the Abuja stop. So we was stuck in camp luggaeless for the first day. I think that mad us closer, cause we was doing all our running around together.
Nice chap he is, i only wish we had had more discussion.


Doyin on the Right
If Deji is quiet, then Doyin is mute. Dude didnt really talk at all. i think if we ever said anything, it was just camp gist and the headaches we shared in common. Cute light skinned dude. I always suspected he had something up his sleeves. I might have been right but i never got the chance to find out.

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  1. Nice pics, I was thinking Doyin was your camp love, hehehe...

  2. Man you people had serious fun ...I suppose it can't be that bad whne u have friends there ..lucky u ..

  3. hahaha! this was hilarious. "man nyash" tho.i think u've jst made me want 2 do nysc too. my mind was totally against it b4. See me, i never evn finish uni. lol


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