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VIDEO - Owo ati Swagger

  • 12/06/2009
  • by
So, the video is out finally. Im watching the video thinking - "eerrr..did i do that??"
Crazy! Read What went down a day before the shoot, and how it all went down on set.
Anyway, I left for Sokoto immediately after shooting this video, got back to Gidi and had eerbody(behind the scenes) saying the video was hot! Okay. So i rush off to Capital Hill Studios to watch it and was on my toes all through its four minute playback. Why? Don't ask me na? How im i supposed to know. Lmao. But i love it. I hope you do too.

Watch the video HERE.Enjoy. Yikes!!

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  1. This is really nice oo and I'm happy for you, you looked so cool with the mohawk and scarf and standing on a car I think, LOL. I don't usually like synths but your vocals with it wasnt too bad.

  2. MarianteDa1st12/07/2009 9:04 pm

    Loved the video...Eva u killed it..Waiting to see more of u on my TV/Computer screen...BTW u r freaking beautiful...2010 is urs for the taking...

  3. Great job on the video Eva. I sent you an email yesterday, I hope I got the right email address off your blog here.

  4. You got the talent and the looks. You are much loved in Portland, Oregon!

  5. u alredi noe buh u asked so here it goes: I LOVE IT!!!


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