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Big Sh**t popping

  • 1/09/2010
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Ye ye ye!! See my life!! This is actually my first post in 2010! Welcome people, to the year of possibilities, the year of breakthrough, 2010, your year of anything can happen - yeah right!! I bet y'all said the same thing in 2009 and the year before that and ten years before that. Nothing would change except you change your attitude towards life. Word! So simply, WELCOME!

So i kicked off the year on a good note - nahhh i kicked off the year on a good book - several pages! Lmao. Was in church for the cross over service, rededicated my life to Christ again, yes oh!! I was out for altar call, for some reason i felt like i need a renewal of the mind, the spirit -a renewal of Eva. Omo, old things have passed away oh and all things have become.....
Im totally focused on two things right now - myself and Music. I wouldnt have the year any other way. My dad has finally accepted my whole music tingy **Yayy!!** on the condition that if i fail **God forbid** then i must go and do 9 to 5 job - **a bigger GOD FORBID!** lwkmd.
Right now if it aint about music and my business, it aint about sh**t.

Apart from the fact that my skin keeps going from good to bad to better and worse, the year has just been great.. I really couldn't be more grateful.
To start off on big things yet to flood in, ve got features in Bubbles and Soundcity Blast magazines..mhnmmmm i hope they come out sooooo cool. Next we got video shoots for "Make 'em Say" and "Underrated". Cabasa really wants to shoot the video and it just seems like y'all are loving the song so why not??

Im looking forward to hitting the studios soon with M.I, Dr Frabz, Knighthouse and of course, Eldee! New good music coming guys. Sssshhhh***

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  1. Happy new year and it seems it has already started off great for you. I wish you the best!

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  3. I'm wondering my last comment said what it said anyways all the best this year ..I want to see your name all over the screens yeah ? In fact we are doing a program in london for Naija female artists and we are bringing over Naija artist : Sasha , bouqui , kefee , etc etc holla if your interested!

  4. That is very good..the "overrated" video should be made as tight as the track itself. And by the way Eva, and I am going to say the same thing to Zara...the 2 of you better do a collabo soon or I will stop knowing u both, and I kid you not...e ma je ki m binu o!

  5. Mhnmmm..OmoIbadan I-C-U with your goggled eyes. Mhnm??Zara?? That would be some nice somtin tho.


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