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  • 1/30/2010
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I woke up this morning feeling extremely frustrated - at nothing!
Have you ever felt that way? Like you wanted to hit something but you feared how bad it would hurt? You want to yell at someone but there aint nobody around that truly deserves it?
Times like this you end up staring at yourself in the mirror - which is what i have been doing all morning.
Im standing naked in front of my full length mirror and im staring at myself with disgust. I feel very unsexy today. Damn! I look frail and my skin looks like it could do with some help - serious help!
And my boobs! Oh my God, i don't even know what it is - they are either looking like they've grown bigger or they've always been this size and i just never took notice. But i do now and i love it!!Though i know it would be back to its normal size soon. Aaarrrghh!!

Okay, so i got done staring at myself and sat on my bed, picked up my player and pushed my earphones so deep in my ears - i could feel them poking my eardrums. (yeah right). I tried to write a new song. Even if its just one verse i could come up with, i felt like i should write something. I scribble the words "Yo, my brain's full of shit"
and i got stuck. Staring at that one line for several minutes i couldn't come up with another line. I felt very useless, unproductive, uncreative - totally empty. At this time i realize, today is turning out to be a very annoying day!!

Truth is, i have been like this the past 3days and from somewhere in my big black head, i know whats wrong. -Its that time of the month! -
Yeah, im on RED alert like Mystical screaming - Danger!! -
My hormones have taken over like always threatening to mess up my everyday, the unrelenting cramps in my abdominal pushing my anger farther down my medulla-oblaganta..
See me now?? Typing big big grammar like say i sabi book. Mssscheeeww!! I feel so... Gosh!!

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  1. Madam flow is on a visit, pele dear. Hope it goes off soon.

  2. LOL
    haha i loved when you said it was as a result of ur reds.
    I don't understand though because I am a girl and all but I don't feel all these period stuff that people claim. E pass my imagination o.

  3. 'under rated' is a big tune.. why isn't this huge in the UK? ♥

  4. Can you follow my blog, i follow yours.

  5. though i'm a guy,I can totally relate bcs 'my baby' has schooled me on hw bad d pains cld!

  6. my sister, i dey feel ur pain. kmt But u examined ur body shaaaa. haha


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