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Jeans4Genes + First performance of RELENTLESS

  • 3/28/2010
  • by
Im sure by now, you are beginning to wonder what is so important about the song Relentless..I cant describe it to you exactly so id say - Wait till it drops! April 1st.

The Jeans4Genes show, organized by Tosyn Bucknor was an extremely amazing experience. She had every thing under control.
Imagine having top designers - TONI PAYNE, STRICTLY NAIJA CLOTHING, OUCH! HAPPYFACEZ and IMAGINE CLOTHING!,- Top Music Artistes
Dipp, Skuki, Lami, S.K.A.L.E.S, Hakym the Dream,

Zara, Overdose, Willy Bang, Loose Kaynon, Mo Cheddah and MODE NINE and my humble self of course..hehehe. Not forgetting press and T.V coverage from SOUNDCITY, QUEST TV, HIP ON TV, NIGEZIE -then you'd agree that it wasn't an easy someTIN.

And everyone came out for a good cause - Supporting and creating awareness for Sickle Cell.
So it wasn't just cool for me to be part of it, it was a humbling experience.
I decided i was going to perform Relentless, my soon to be released new single. No one's ever heard it, no one knew the words to the song but i was gonna perform it anyways and i did!
The reception? Absolutely crazy!!! I couldn't even believe it. When i was done on stage, i walked over to my friend and said, ''Kayode, e be like say this Relentless something na serious business oh!!'' He totally agreed.

To blow up my excitement, Mode9 came over to give me props..i couldn't be more excited. Mode likes my shit! thats the Godfather of HipHop and he likes my shit!! You shoulda seen me,i was jumping all over the place like a child.
Much love to Tosyn Bucknor for pulling this off. Dying to see pictures, cant wait to share them with you guys!


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  1. Too much abeg. MODEEE!!! ur going places jor.
    Honestly, i jst had 2 bless this blog cos i promised 2 comment on evri1. Still interesting tho! dnt get me wrong. :)


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