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  • 3/10/2010
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I am extremely concerned about the worsening situation of the Jos crisis. It has become one of constant discussion and it is as shameful as it has been deadly.

I can't put up pictures directly on my blog but if you can, please take a moment to look at THIS..
I must warn however, you need a thick stomach to digest what you are about to view.
Its so sad to see children,harmless little children suffer for nothing. I don't even wanna imagine the kind of pain they went through before dying. To think that a human being can throw a child into fire to burn to death--its painful.
I sit here thinking about the countless earthquakes and natural disasters other countries suffer while we are back here dying from human disasters..
If the end times as predicted in the Bible wasn't so glaring,it is now..

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  1. G*O*S*H* sitches lyk this make me think loong nd hard abt hw much a lotta ppl can do for our country. They make me want 2 go into power. Buh im waaay to young for that anyway. God help us. Nyc 2 noe ppl lyk u care oh!


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