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  • 3/25/2010
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If you are here right now, it's probably because you want to get in on this new "Relentless" talk of mine. I'd tell you though, it is one of those songs that totally pulls me from my depths. You get to hear me in my dark sides,emotions flying all over the place, yes i give you a taste of my Jamaican side.

Recording this song was not just fun, it was revealing. I knew there was something i needed to pull outta me, i just needed the right strings-tones-drums- to do it. And then T.K (the producer) came on the scene and everything changed!

As soon as i heard the tones he was working with, i knew i had my joint.
This is a totally different song for me, its real life - stuff im going through at the moment and it does more than just make me reflect.

This is the part where i pause and give much respect to T.K, he is a fresh, young and super dope producer and i cant wait to work with him again. If you love what he did with this joint and would like to connect with him, please send me a mail to >>

Enjoy RELENTLESS - Drops officially, April 1st.

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  1. I'm loving all the tracks. You sound like the female version of M.I....I like it!

  2. can't's just DOPE, SOMETHIN ELSE...Can we please get a download link??? PRETTY PLEEEEEASE!!! Kinda tired of having to go online to listen...BIG FAN and FUTURE PRODUCER(Yours I hope)...Taking yo advice...

  3. I knew there was more to the lyrics!! Lurv the jamo side. Its on point. Dey never gwan take u away oh!(*thick jamo accent*) lol


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