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I'm Back!!

  • 3/09/2010
  • by
Wow!! Its been exactly a month since i wrote something! How lazy can i get?? But its really not just laziness you know? Apart from the fact that i have been crazy busy, i have also been really outta touch with myself. Been up and down, forming hustler, tryna get me paid real good money.
So yes its been a month, i hope y'all missed me? Let me tell you a little bit of what ve been up too.
My makeup training seminar began on Monday the 1st of March and sincerely speaking, it has been so F'n stressful! I can't exactly tell you how much but in the end, it is a very beautiful experience and it is well worth with because i can confidently stand by at least four of my girls and be sure they'd make beautiful makeup artists.
I'd be putting up some of their work soon so you can see what yo girl has been doing!

Trust me my music hasn't suffered for the sake of makeup in this my M.I.A time, ve been working oh! Hooked up with Beazy in the studio and im recording new stuff. Have i made up my mind about working on a mixtape?? Yes and No. Yes because i know i will eventually considering all the random issh thats coming to my brain, No because i don't wan be held for not keeping my word. Hehehe!
I was on Inspiration Fm on Sunday with Wana and Oh my Gawd!! You guys are so so supportive. The calls, messages and all brought me down to my knees. I sincerely had no idea there was that much love for my music. Thanks so much for loving, supporting and staying true as fans. Im typing this now and blushing!

I'm gon be on Radio again tomorrow! Chai, e get as this month be oh! Its like this radio people have just planned to attack me this month.
Got an invite from Tosyn Bucknor so I'm gon be on Top Radio tomorrow. Id try my best to have my interview recorded so you can listen to it here on my blog if you miss the interview(which i sincerely hope y'all don't)

I'm beginning to make too many promises abi? Id post everything that needs to be posted, from pictures, new music, radio interviews and much much more!
Who has seen my feature in the recent Soundcity Blast Magazine? I haven't oh!! I hope i looked cute in it? (Vain me)

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  1. Kudos cos you're really going places.

  2. lol. na God wey push me to dis blog ohh. Sorry i didn't even start following until last week. And ive been ever soo happy since. Cheesy much right! lol....geez. Anyway, Goodluck oh. U'd better keep ur word abt being relentless. :D


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