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DaGrin - And we Mourn.

  • 4/23/2010
  • by
Ever had the opportunity to meet a Star? Beg for an autograph? Or a minute to take a picture? You do that for the simple reason of keeping memories innit? Yea I guess..
Because of where my choice of career has brought me to by the Grace of God, I meet these people on the daily and we never relate like just collegues- I donno if its a Nigerian thing but we just seem to have this -my brother my sister- approach to my point exactly-
I didn't just know DaGrin, I sat with him,had phone conversations, Fuck! I did a song with him! Even shot a video!

Just days ago I was saying how DaGrin deserved every nomination he got for HHWA and more..he raked in nominations like it was his everyday job. He's grind for music was off the radars of human imagination.
My first impression of Grin?
I saw him and said,"This one is another short rapper oh!" And I laughed. He had his pants sagging low, and I couldn't help seeing the rugged sides off him beneath the soft gentle way he said "Hi, nice to meet you". I stood in front of him,blushing like a stupid teenager.
Days after that we hooked up in the studio to blaze "Owo ati Swagger" the Remix. As soon as Grin got in the booth I knew it was trouble..his energy in the studio was amazing!
Today I think about it and realize how much it means to be able to have that. Today I think about what a loss this is- for us, for Music in Nigeria, forever. I don't wanna ask the why questions cause then I'd be questioning the decisions God has made.
He was the fucking best, no competion- nobody sounded like him- he made every track a hit,every collabo was worth it as long as Grin jumped it, his stage performances were energetic, He was a Star- his hustle was strong and he earned every penny- working harder than so many cats in this binssh.

I'd say this though- when MJ passed,a friend said " If a Nigerian dies, would his passing cause this much chaos, and pain and tears?Would radios and Tv pause for a Nigerian the way they are doing for Michael?" Today DaGrin has proved it- yes. This isn't a Nigerian or American issue,it is a simple life fact- Live your life in a way that when you do leave the Life, people would remember you for good. You don't have to be a mega star to do that. Live right within the little space on earth that you command.

Are you in a position where you haven't been doing positive things with your life? How about you start now? Did you give up on something you loved to do, how about you picked it up again? Did you forget to say something sweet to someone that cares about you, how about you picked up the phone and tell them something they'd remember for a long time.
Have you forgotten what today's date is? How about you remember it now and live the rest of today like it was your last??

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  1. Wow...Eva... you just are one artiste i respect.. true words coming from you... thanks for this note....R.I.P DaGrin.. he'll always be alive in ma heart

  2. RIP Dagrin, his music leaves on.

  3. Am in tears rite nw. Nice one eva. RIP DAGRIN!

  4. I am just short of words..APRIL 2010 is A MASS MURDERER..lotta peepz are dying!! #ripdagrin !!!!

  5. True talk...he has made a huge impact tho. Veeery sad. RIP DaGrin! I had 2 call all my special peoples after reading the last paragraph. My mummy being the first ofcourse! lol.

  6. still extremely sad and shocking!! he is too young to die *sob* RIP C.E.O. u'll be 4eva remembered! love you xxx

  7. still extremely sad and shocking!! he is too young to die *sob* RIP C.E.O. u'll be 4eva remembered! love you xxx

  8. Dis note jst brought tears 2 eyes...he was a guy wit 1daful lyrics..yoruba to be precise..I miss him so much..


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