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Interview on GidiLounge

  • 5/23/2010
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To set off our Feminine & Fabulous Series at Gidilounge, we present to you, Eva, with the release of her single Relentless, Eva has been able to garner enough attention and with extraordinary amount of talent to prove herself as one of the artist to look out for, alongside Knighthouses Mo’Cheddah, and EME’s Wizkid and Skales, Thisday coined them the future of music and I would have to agree.

Her voice is unique, her style different and to use a cliché which is apt in this case her Swag is undiluted, invigorating and clearly uniquely hers. Her voice distinguishes, her flow deviant, distinct yet exceptional and her authenticity apparent. In a largely male dominated industry Eva seems to be making her point and looking hella good doing it.
We caught up with Eva and had the opportunity to get to know her and ask her what she has in store for us. Although Eva has more of an online presence at the moment I can guarantee y'all that the sky is her starting point and this

artist has a long way to go and we are definitely in for a surprise. Should been an interesting journey; Diidi’s Opinion.

Tell us about yourself, we know your name is Eva Alordiah but where
are you from, where did you grow up, school etc?

I’m from Delta State. I spent a little part of my childhood in the
north, Niger State, moved to Lagos when I was 9 and I’ve been in Gidi
ever since. I just graduated from Bowen University in 2009, studied
Computer Science.

Would you say you are from a musical family?

My family isn’t one you’d call a musical family but everyone has an
ear for music. My Mom especially. She got me hooked on Dolly Parton,
Michael Bolton, Don Williams and many more while growing up. I picked
up Hip-hop/R&B along the way and it just stuck.

What made you choose music, was it always something you knew you would do?

Entertainment in general was something I was always faced with. I
found myself in one form of entertainment or the other while growing
up, though music wasn’t necessarily of much importance to me as a
career. From dancing to acting, script Writing, photography modelling,
pretty much anything that would keep me in the centre of all the fun
of entertainment. Music began to kick in when I was in Secondary
school and I took it up full time just before I got into University.

What challenges have you faced in your journey thus far and how
long have you been doing this?

I have been in Music professionally since 2004. Started with Z-don
back then. But I had to get into school so I wasn’t focused. Late 2008
however, I made a cover on Lil Wayne’s “A milli” with the help of Tha
Suspect and it dropped as a mix tape single. From then till now, the
journey has been rough-smooth-rough-then rough- Sometimes it gets
tiring especially when you are a female on the grind by yourself in the
industry but my fans keep me on my feet so I can’t complain much.
Doing this all by myself however brings on a lot of challenges in
business but I have learned to take my challenges as stepping stones
to greatness.

Do you sometimes feel there are two different yous… Eva the
singer and Eva the….?

Absolutely! The musical/rapper/entertainer Eva is totally different
from the Eva in the house when my Dad calls me Elohor(my native name)
Two entirely different people though there are times when they come
together to be one for sanity sakes. When I’m not the musical Eva- I’m
taking care of the house, sewing a new dress or most probably being a
Makeup artist… Many other minnie Me’s.

What genre of music do you consider categorize yourself to be in?
Would you agree with the general assessment that you are a femcee?

Femcee, meaning Female Emcee innit? Whatever people choose to call me
its aight as long as it doesn’t make me look bad or rub off on the
image I’m trying to build. I do hip-hop and I’m an Entertainer. I hope
that makes sense. The EvaMusic however is going to come off on a
whole lot of different things. I like to fuse genres together-as long
as it works and sounds good and people can relate with it then I guess
it’s ok.

Are you currently signed to a record label?
No I’m not. I’m totally independent. Managed by God, Directed by God. Lmao!

Typical question but who writes your song?
I do. I write everything myself. Except of course when it’s a
collaboration in which case the collaborating artist writes his/herpart of the song.

How has your music evolved/changed or developed since you started
and do you think it’s obvious or significant ?

Obvious? Lyrical growth, attitude, my sound delivery, pretty much
everything. My very first song “I dey Play” with Suspect is evidence
enough. I think about it now and it’s amazing how much I hate that song
now. I hear it and go – “Did I do that??”
I think this kinda of growth is definitely significant; it’s the only
way to stay consistent and have a career that exudes longevity.

What would you say or who would you consider to be your biggest
musical influence?


How did you get on that Underrated track with ID Cabasa…. I think you killed it
Lmao! Thanks love. **clearing throat** I met Cabasa in d club. We
got chatting and he wanted to hear my stuff. He did and just thought I
was perfect for his album since he was bringing different artistes
together on the project. Underrated was the one I featured in
eventually and it was amazing working with Cabasa. We are working
together again at the moment, this time around on my project. I’m
excited about it.

What are your immediate music career goals?

Getting my music out and building Eva as a brand and not just an
artiste. I have dropped a couple of singles on the internet which I’m
just about spreading across the country. I have just begun working on
my album-so I’m basically hoping for the best. The very BEST!

So here’s saying thank you to everyone that has listened to any of my
songs and liked em, to everyone that supports me and what I do-thank
you, thank You!

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  1. Great interview and Kudos! All the best in your future endeavors.

  2. Thanks darling..mwaahhh!

  3. Chyk El-Farooq5/29/2010 1:24 am rite now ur officially d coolest female emcee...Eminem fan???...i'm an Eminem freak maself...i get alota inspiration from him too...nice work gurl,ur reali dope...who knws,we mite do a track 2geda sumday!!!


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