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Okay, This Sucks!

  • 5/18/2010
  • by
I have been going through that "What the fuck am i doing" phase for the past couple of months. Little by little it transcends into "Fuck it, damn it all to hell" and then goes back to the former. I am so stressed out, really very tired and i have pretty much been home for two months straight. Basically i can count the number of times i have stepped outta my crib!

I donno what it is, i probably miss my friends, i probably am just too freaking lonely and i barely seem to accept it enough to help myself. Well at least now am typing it out so i obviously admit it.
I feel like i need a drink. The last time i had one, i was with Pope. Yea the Baale Baale rapping Pope. He ordered a great martini on the rocks for me and oh boy!! I loved it!
Im stressed out over a lot of random things, Music being a core issue right now. Nahhh, i aint tired of the business or nothing like that, am fucking tired of the bizstress!!!

I probably need to go see a movie or something. Tell you what? I aint never been in a cinema before! I swear. I just never bought into the idea of going all the way to a cinema to see a movie with a bunch of noise making people eating popcorn with their mouths open and screaming when they are supposed to be laughing. In Nigeria, we over do it sef. Oya ask me how i know, me wey never enter cinema before. Lmfao. I just prefer watching a movie by myself, boring yea or at least with someone that

wouldn't talk throughout the whole period of watching a single movie.
Oh well! i should go see a movie, or go out and do something fun. I don't go out clubbing or partying or nothing like that, well especially now that my friends aint around. Sigh.
Wait! I'm sure now you mush really think im some fucking boring boreful boresome psycho. I aint actually. I'm just in some annoying phase of life. Gotta get my flat ass up. Evaaaaaa!!!!!

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  1. It seems you know what to do. Chill and relax, we all need it at times.

  2. U used to live in fastforwards, guess u's lost it n u's thinkin backwards... 'Tleast u put yo head down n let it pour, it helps reduce z pain of z sores... Get well soon... On second thot, maybe not, flows 'll be sicker. Watchu think..? U'll make em say 'ey'...


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