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Beazy- Its Go Hard Season- The Mixtape

  • 6/20/2010
  • by
Do u know Beazy??
You don't??I bet you would after reading this I assure you. Beazy. Sounds like Busy right? Well, that's exactly what he is, Busy! Now I know I sound like a jerk please forgive me. Lmfao!
I bring to you, "Its Go Hard Season" Beazy's official third mixtape album. If you are not familiar with what a mixtape is all about, well, here's a pretty good example of one.

It is that little special something that rappers like to floss with, give their fans new material to keep them entertained while an album is in works, something like the appetizer if I may. Most times, rappers make mixtape albums to explore, show you what they are about or basically like Lil Wayne- let you know that they can rap and rap and keep spitting non-stop. No, it isn't exclusive to rappers alone, as artistes from other genres of music have begun to buy into the ideas and promotional advantages of Mixtape albums.

In Nigeria, not everybody is familiar with this trend. Or better yet people have still not bought into the idea of releasing free music. Call it a simple act of laziness? The fear of exploring? Or the fear of not having relevant material when it is needed? I don't know. But thanks to artistes like Mode9, M.I amongst others we are beginning to see an increasing trend in the production of mixtape albums.
Expect mixtapes from your favorite artistes such as Saucekid, Iceprince, Naeto C, and yes oh yes- Me! Eva! I have intentions of giving y'all a dose of my madness through a mixtape album. If you didn't know, well now you know!

This time however, it is Beazy Season! More like -Its Go Hard Season-
I bring to you Beazy's mixtape which has officially been released on the internet. Below are download links to the tracks. Please I would like to hear from you, let us know what you think of this brilliant project by one of Nigeria's finest rappers.

"Beazy has that sensual flow that no other rapper has,"- Eva's 2cents- crucify me if you may. Hehehe

Each song off the Mixtape with individual download links-

All The Way Turnt Up

Who's Got More Bounce(Prod. By @kidkonnect)

On To The Next One

Love To Go Hard(Prod. by @PlaybackGenius)

I Wanna Rock Freestyle

Hold Yuh" Freestyle

Hello Goodmorning Freestyle

Hard Freestyle

For The Love Of The Game(Prod. By M.I)

Find Your Love Freestyle

"Beamer,Benz or Bentley" Freestyle

Enjoy and Share!!

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  1. Aha! 1st of, thanks for zis! Enjoyed the damn thang!

    Ma fav: Who's Got More Bounce, For the love of..., I wanna rock, o! o! All the way Turnt up...

    Zis guy iz good, no doubt! Me's a fan!

    Yo it's Beazy! not Bisi!!! Hehe!

  2. i am a Beazy fan!!


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