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We Had a Song...

  • 8/08/2010
  • by
We had a song- every time it came on, goose bumps eroded my skin and plunged me into an endless need of you beside me. We had a song- the special ring tone assigned to your calls for me, same with my calls on your phone.
How this happened, I really cannot remember but it was our special song.

I loved you. Even with the distance that separated us, we still found ways to be stuck like tattoos. I loved you. You made me feel things that no one necessarily made me feel.
But somehow, we lost it. The fights began to creep in, the arguments, the pain.. Probably from the distractions of our very busy lives or just circumstances we couldn't overcome.
For some reason you changed. Your life began to get even more blissful and the popular you became the more disrespectful of my feelings you got. Things happened so fast, one minute I had you, the next minute you had pulled yourself far away.

But we had a song. And I connected with you every time it came on on the radio, or on my music player- seemed like even when we physically couldn't be together, I had you with me when I listened to our song.
Whatever got into your head at this time is something I couldn't understand, but I predicted it. I knew you was going to change.

-You had sex with her and acted like nothing happened. I do wish I never knew about it, but the world is too fucking small. She babbled about it right to my face without even knowing who I was.
I cried all night. I died and resurrected again and again to tell myself it wasn't true.
-But then you did it again..with different girls. This time your own friend told me about it- obviously not realizing you and I had it heated up.
One minute I had you, the next minute you were acting like a complete stranger.
But, I found solace and joy in our song. It became the only thing I had to keep you close. I hoped things would get better- until..

Until you decided to make "our" song your own song. With no respect for what we had. No regard for what that song meant to us both. You bragged about it, to my face- to the public. I sat back and watched me watch you go. I let you go.
And then you come back, acting like its all good. But I'm done with your bullshit.
I loved you. We had a song. But that's all in the past now.

May the Lord bless you richly and make you as successful as you can handle. May he guide your paths and keep you happy. I pray for you now as I have prayed for you since the day I fell in love with you.
I'd never in my life have anything to do with you again. I'd never speak with you or try to have any form of contact with you..But I'd pray for you. Everyday for the rest of my life..

We had a bond. We had something good. We had a song...

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  1. sheer 'Orian8/08/2010 3:11 pm

    Eva this is so deep. Sounds to me like you just broke up with this person. Very sad but ud be fine. Nice read

  2. Ooo shet I 8 cheating asses! Buh u can flip d index finger nd let ur middle finger follow ts DEUCES bitch! Deep nd strate from d heart! I love t! Make t a sng pls

  3. Eva!eva!!eva!!!I can sooo relate to this.its a very touching note.I pray all those who cheat fucking die,go to hell and devil sticks pins and needles in their fucking eyes.gud one unitate

  4. This was so touching! Hope you keep it stepping.

  5. Hmmm...Nice one...Even though he broke your heart you still forgave him...Thats so...Christ-Like...
    The one for you's out there...Don't worry he'll find you real soon.

  6. Y do i feel like i know d person in question....b easy on u dear,he had a song wiv ma frnd as well...he sang to her morning and dear,he's in d lime lite and fame is slowly getting into his head...u deserve much more...dun blame him,he's jus being d average calabar boi...i hate him so much cos he's a lier,he made ma frnd fall head ova heels i luv wiv him...he slips wi loadz of grls and brags bout it...ure 1 of d best pple i knw...b easy on u and stay far away from u...he ll cum begging..dts his way,buh stay faaarr...he's nt ready to commit to u or any1 yet.....cheers bbz...

  7. Thanks for reading guys.. always a pleasure!!


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