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Rubber on Your Hummer

  • 9/09/2010
  • by
"I don't wanna use a condom," He said, as he pushed away from me and turned around to face the wall.
There was an awkward silence that consumed the room immediately. I couldn't say a word and i bet he didn't have anything else to back up what he had just said. Then he turned back around and pulled me close, letting my small frame sink into his broad chest.

"I love you babe and i don't feel all that connection when I'm inside you with a rubber." He said. "Baby I want to feel you, soft, wet and needy. I want to make love to you in a special way."
I got off the bed not saying a word, walked to the bathroom and let my soft lingerie fall off my waist as i did so. My round firm ass wiggling away shamelessly behind me and i could feel his hard stare following me behind all the way to the bathroom.

I let the bathroom door hang open as i stood there staring at my naked self in the mirror. My breasts looked bigger, i never noticed. But i did now as i let my eyes roam every inch of my clothless body. Then i pinched hard on my tits letting a soft slow moan scape my lips. I could feel the soft splash between my thighs as i got wet with evey touch of my fingers on my breasts. I pulled out the bond that held my hair up tight and wirled my head around letting the soft curls of my hair fall seamless across my neck and face. I felt sexy, felt hungry at the same time. God i looked hot. I could bet he was thinking the same thing as i watched his reflection on the mirror, his hungry eyes taking in every detail of my body.

I walked out the bathroom, towards where he lay. Guess he must have thought i was coming to lie in his arms cause he shifted quickly, trying to give me some space on the bed. I laughed out loud in my mind, glad to know i had woken up his sexual senses. But i wasn't going to the bed. mmhnnm. No. I had my mind on the cd player that lay soundless on the floor. Then i pressed play and the deep barritone of Barry White oozed out of the speakers, serenading the room, waking up the romance that was almost begining to feel dead.

I caught his eyes, gazing at me, either lost in the sound of the music or in the slow paced sway of my hips...
"Baby..,"I heard him whisper as he shifted uneasily on the bed. I noticed the big bulge of his main shaft, building up through the duvet.
"Baby...please come to bed sweetheart..." No, not just yet Macho. I began to walk backwards, keeping my eyes on him as i bit my lower lip slowly and raised my hands to run my fingers through my hair. With my back on the wall, i began to wind my hips, my waist, my whole body in rhythm with the music. I could feel the wetness gaining control of my insides. I slipped my fingers between my thighs and groaned deeply, then it transcended into soft slow moans as i let my fingers rock on back and forth..
I saw him from the corner of my eye, getting off the bed and coming for me. I stayed there, my naked back to the wall, my fingers in my clits, my eyes on his..

He got to me faster than i could remember and pulled me close. I didn't struggle, i just let my body and senses surrender..I heard Barry White say something like "Make love tonight," or was it "Take off tonight,"? I don't know, all i knew was i wanted to give myself to this man that had begun to kiss me hungrily.
We must have been kissing for what seemed like forever, then he swept me up in his arms and took me to bed. His weight pressing me down as he lay on top, but it was the best painful feeling ever.
He slipped his hand under the pillow and pulled out the condom..I smiled as i watched him open it up faster than a heartbeat and slip it on his hungry big bulge.
And then he pushed inside me, sinking deeper with each thrust..I heard him say my name.. I thought i heard him moan, i thought i was gonna die from wanting him too much..
mmmhmm, I thought he said he didn't wanna use a condom? Who said i couldn't get my man to play safe? Lmao

Disclaimer- please note that this is just another figment of my imagination. If anything written here has occured in real life, it is only coincidental..

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  2. Splendid post! You capture imaginations like crazy!! Love, love, love your blog. Nice one. Keep it up.

  3. Um...
    To much Romance novels if anyone yasks me...
    A bit too much...
    Cool tho, for those who like these kinda thangs!
    Ma friend sez 'm not being blunt enough in zis watered down comment o' mine...dat me's so into u n I a'int using z rite words. WTFEva!

    Just hope newer posts won't be as...EroTiCa!
    (STFup! Dude Grow up!) Rite! Chiddy Bang!


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