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  • 9/20/2010
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When I posted all these on twitter to my followers, I didn't see it as much of a big deal. For me I was simply taking y'all into a brief journey through my life.
And then Abara - @iamabara on twitter took each tweet of this short story and updated his blog with it. When I read it again, I finally understood it the way people saw it.

It made so much sense, I didn't even think it was that important. I am glad that these tweets touched you guys in some way, it means a lot to be able to do that. Thanks to Abara for keeping this and letting me see through my own life.
Read below..

* * * * *
"Right after sec sch, I wanted to work so bad. Jamb kept jambing me & I just didn't wan sit arnd. So I began auditioning for movie roles..@16 Got one for a series to be aired on BenTv at d time. After shooting 2episodes in a supporting role- d director began yiking me so I walked!!

I had always been a lover of photography so I decided to start out in modeling. But it turned out,every girl in Lagos was a model! *sigh* Every audition was packed full! D hustle became annoying.

Then I had 2go to Uni.. Uni turned out to be a private sch so I was locked in. To ease my soul, I got back on stage- as a dancer. Yeps! I dance. It kept me sane. For some reason, I fell in love with Makeup&fashion.

My passion for Makeup artistry soon became a business & I began charging babes a fee! I was making extra small change from Doing makeup and tinzz.. Not becos Dad wasn't settling me enuf but becos getting paid was a joy..

 My Mom has always been sewing clothes in d house in her free time- that made me wanna be in Fashion so bad- I began designing when I was 13! I decided to recruit my own group of great tailors and got them to bring my designs to life. Mostly dress shirts which I made for guys.

But I needed money! All the time. And my monthly allowance for school just wouldn't do it.. Now here's what I did.. *this would shock u..* 

I studied girls. They loved to look fly and they couldn't/wouldn't wanna pay fly money. So I took my hustling to Yaba.. I spent my pocket money buying Okrika from Yaba to go sell in School. Imagine buying a shirt for #300 and selling for #1000! I was rich!!

 Babes would practically flood my room to buy stuff! Soon I added handbags & shoes. I was making enuf money to fund my clothing line ☺ So, I made my first #100,000 trading Yaba sturvs. I didn't have to even bend down to select anymore- my guys dem wld call me to supply. 

Music!!! Music was always a part of me. I started out wiv Zdon Paporella in 04, I got tired of going to d studio¬ recording so I dulled. Always told myself I could rap. So even when I was forming some Michael Jackson sturvs and dancing on stage, I still wanted to hold d mic.. 

Then, M.I released 'Crowd Mentality' and I was like Choi!!!! As soon as he dropped 'Safe'- I told my friend, "Yo, I'm gon do that." I did! Capital gave me a platform to record it and Suspect was far too kind. That was how I played into the booth & released 'I dey play' ☺

 So imagine how I felt d day I got a call from M.I himself telling me how he had been listening to my jam& how he thot I was better than him 

Today- I have a good following. Producers willing to give their time & studio for free, artists wanting me on their shit-& ♥ from the fans

 I have a Makeup Business, I'm starting out my own clothing line, I'm a Rapper/Entertainer, Writer and Blogger. I still Hustle thru it all.

 I have made mistakes, I have fucked up several times, I have lost friends- I have made more...Ve been thru pain, ve seen hate..Shed tears.. In The end God helps. God hears. God heals. Whatever u want, u can get if u stretch out to get it. No matter how long. Hold God's hand..

Life's principle to success is -GIVING. You can't go wrong when u give. Just keep giving. To d poor, to d church. Pay ur tithe. GIVE. 

And when all is said and done, Pray! May God bless you and keep u safe. I love you but God loves you more.. ♥. 

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There you have it! Thanks for reading, I hope this touches you in some way positive as it has for others. Much respect to @iamabara on twitter.
Visit his blog here

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  1. this is a very good motivational talk for all youths out there who think prostitution and yahoo yahoo or even blood money is the only way to make it in this trying time.
    thank you for making urself be used to shine.
    and thank @iamabara for discovering this open-secret testimony.

    from @e_mikelo

    p.s i already follow you guys on twitter..

  2. very inspiring i must say..goes to show that hard work pays..somehow i stumbled on ur blog,and am gonna b here as often as a hug fan.hope to meet u in person.stay fly,keep bin u,hold on to God and ur values and i will be meeting u at the top :)


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