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Akon - In Concert. - 7up Rock da Hall, Lagos

  • 10/17/2010
  • by
Oh what a Night!!! I dont think id ever forget this experience ever. Not one to get easily excited by concerts and not having many attended concerts in my record, i found this extremely very exciting.
Apart from the fact that Akon was gonna be live on stage, 2Face was also performing. If you know me well enough then i bet you know i am an exaggerated 2Face Fan.
I have decided to put this in words, photos and videos so i can share with you, (You know say i nor stingy reassh that side, if i see better thing i gass share.) LMAO!
So, down to business.
It was 7up's 50th anniversary. It isnt an easy SonnTIN for a company to stand strong for 50 years you know?? The night kicked off with the national anthem and then a brief, well produced documentary of the history of 7up and the journey so far. It was a well needed documentary and we received it with open arms, everyone in the hall staring intently at the screen as the clip unfolded from seconds into minutes.

Right after that, the Governor himself, Fine boy in suit, Babatunde Fashola, addressed everyone. it felt so good to hear him talk. Scrap that- to watch him talk!! Hehehe. He does sound like a young man in his grooveties, ready to rock and roll, not like all these agbada wearing skk... ok, i hereby stop here.
Right after that, the performances began, with 2Face kicking off the show and setting the very perfect standard for a live performance in concert.
Being the excited 2Face fan that i always am, i couldnt help but scream my young lungs out.
It felt so so so good to watch the show from the audience point of view. Every other time i had been to shows, i was always backstage, dulling like a dullard. But here i was in the crowd, few feet away from 2Face, my one and only prince charming, atutupoyoyo sexy, Oluwa2baba AdeIdibia, and my heart wouldnt stop pounding.
On stage with his band as they performed live, drumsticks hitting hard on the damn drums and 2Face's sweet sin of a voice captivating the audience, performing songs from his old and new album.
and that was just the beginning!!

Then came on stage, the first lady herself, Sasha!! First i couldnt stop admiring the grace with which she came on, like a real queen, and then of course attention shifted from her very pretty face to her outfit.

Plus she had surprises! Bringing on stage MoCheddah and Pype to perform with her was more than enough spice up for the night.
Trust the Mohits crew to come fully loaded with their entertainmunition. Hehehe.

Dr SID, Wande Coal, D'Prince and of course the koko brother, KSwitch.

It was fun to watch them perform. Every time i had been to any of their shows, i was always backstage. To watch Dr SID do his alanta and the waist whining, ass jiggling moves, Oh my Gossh!! That was some real madness that got me cracking the F up in excitement.

Performing individual singles and taking turns in doing so, and then performing singles they had as a group, they didn't do nothing but get the excited crowd even more excited.

Right after that, PSquare came on.

This had to be the best performance i have ever seen from PSquare -(Oya ask me whether i don go any of their shows- if i hear!!) I have never seen them perform! Ever! so this meant a lot for me. And oh boy! Did i get more than enough!

Performing songs from their first album, and even giving us the classic 'Senorita' choreography- that was some sight!! They had very beautiful moments in their performance, moments to last a fan a lifetime. It was an energetic, soul filled experience and you could tell they just wanted to go on and on. Two fine boys that came on stage fully dressed only to go back half naked after a performance of a lifetime.

And that wasnt even all!!
Then came Akon!
Due to technical difficulties, it took Akon almost an hour to come out on stage after the PSquare performance. Was it worth the wait??? SheeeET!! I died. and died again. It was worth every minute we spent waiting for him.

Out on stage in a beautifully cut black coat, i thought he was just a sexy black man in a black somTIN! I couldn't take my camera off him. Everyfn he did was perfect!
One minute Akon is fully dressed, the next minute he his naked to just his jeans- like i expected and prayed he'd be.

Just when i thought the madness had ended, Akon was fliging himself off the stage and into the crowd. More than 8 times!! He was just in the air all the time and his excited fans were all too willing to hold him up in the air. It was a great night!!

Choi! i wish i could type and type and just type it all. You for like use me do news caster typee na?? LMFAO!! But it was nice sharing this with you.
i hope the photos and videos do justice.
Abeg nor yab my videographities. I Yam Clarence Peters??? hehehee

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