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Pasha - The Mixtape Party at KOKO LOUNGE

  • 10/15/2010
  • by
Im sorry it took a while for me to do this, well i finally did!! Really wanted to put this experience in words and have you delve a bit into what went down on the 4th of October.
Pasha as you may already know, is an amazing dancehall artist. I met him sometime last year and was all too glad when i was given a track to work on for his mixtape - IamPasha -

So we got together to make "Daggerer" which for some reason has become one of my favorite collaborations so far.
On the evening of Oct 4th, Koko lounge was packed full with supporting fans as everyone came in to support Pasha. Celebrity guests included Loose Kaynon, the host of wax Lyrical himself, Dark Poet, Str8buttah, Rooftop MCs, Timix, Kraft (Hiphop Producer), Nyore, Zara, Dipp, SarZ (Producer) and many more!

I was initially just going to perform twice, but low and behold from nowhere Nyore snatched up on stage and got me performing "Bossman" with herself and Zara. Truth be told we had only just got the song outta the studio that night and i hadnt even heard it since the day we recorded.

So i practically had no clue what the words to my verse were anymore. So there i was on stage, trying so hard to perform a song i didnt know the lyrics for. It was the most hilarious yet annoying thing to do.
But we killed it! Got the crowd up.
And then of course i hit the stage with Timix, and much later with Pasha himself to perform Daggerer!

I had fun, it was a really good night and it was a blessing to see Pasha rock the night and introduce us to his world of Dancehall which is as refreshing as dew in the mornings.

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  1. "As refreshing as dew in the mornings" Nice! You totally rock. You're entertaining personality would get you places. Daggerer is a HIT!


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