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Eva's 2010 Memoirs!

  • 12/31/2010
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I completely realize that i have not written anything serious in a while. *sigh* As a matter of fact i have not done anything in a while. I haven’t eaten a real good meal, i haven’t seen my friends- silly stupid pack of crazy sweet girls - , i haven’t had a real passionate hug in a while (sad face), mehnnn i haven’t had the pleasure of relishing in the super muscle-tensing attraction of a fine sexy Nigerian brother- So back to where i say “i haven’t written anything in a while”
–i can’t exactly tell you why but i do know this, i have been out of a lot of things lately. I have basically had a crazy annoying 2010- i would hate to bore you with the details on this post but i know i would on another post...
Ok, scrap that, i ssShange my mind. I am going to bore you with the details of my sad sad sad 2010... but please do note that
i warned you beforehand.


Yep! I served my country in 2010. Oh yes i did!! So well that i still don’t even know what NYSC stands for.. i know the S is for service, and the C obviously is for Corps- not so sure if N is for Nigerian or National.. *Hissing in Arabic* If this isn’t the most annoying thing that happened to me this year. It started a chain of unpleasant events which id share with you as this post unfolds in more characters and text.
Stupid people!
Thats how they posted me to Sokoto oh! And trust me, i redeployed after the 3weeks of camp but not after i had acquired the most annoying string of skin problems mostly centred on my once sweet pretty face. *Even if i was worwor before sef, this one made me De-worwor!*


I was bathed with sun burns and acne all over my face. My mom suggested i see a dermatologist which i did after spending a fortune on over the counter meds and cosmetics. My dear Dermatologist took my severe case in his special care and prescribed his derma meds which as unexpected, made my increasingly pathetic situation worse. Chai!!! I couldn’t go out, couldn’t let no one see me. I was as ugly as fuck!! *Not sure if fuck is ugly though* It was tewwwible! I was stuck home doing nothing for over 3months! In this time the only people i ever saw were my family and the woman that sells credit just outside my house.
Below is a photo of the cross section of my skin over a two month healing period between August and October.

i know right?? Eheeewww!
Over the next couple of months between March and September, i suffered silently, spending so much money on medication and all sorts of skin treatments..
• Prescription drugs
• Chemical peels
• Several different facial cleansers
• Facials
• Urine therapy –which required me to rub a significant amount of urine on my face every morning.
• Eating raw garlic, raw vegetables, fruits and bla bla bla
I sincerely believe the money i spent on the damn face would have built me a house. I went from broke to broker, to being in debt to practically dead.
I missed a lot of studio sessions cause i was isolated, i obviously missed out on video shoots, missed out on a lot of important events, no photosessions, no shows, no appearances- nothing.
Through this time i realized the only thing i could do while i wasted my life was to write music and just keep writing. So i was stuck home, battling my skin issues and writing as much music as i could, hoping that when this phase passed, i would hit the studio and just kill it!! Then comes number 3....


Donno if this is a bad habit or just a very comfortable thing to do, i always type my lyrics on my phone. Having a blackberry just made that phone typing process easier. So it was that i had all my lyrics as notes in the phone, recorded and unrecorded material.
Cant say if it was a memory issue or virus, but the silly device went from hanging all the time to hiding my contacts and then to duplicating several contacts. Then one blessed morning, while i was tweeting and pinging away, the damn phone just hung. Nothing worked. I battled with the damn thing and it just suddenly occurred to me that i could reset my settings to default and have the damn phone back as new. So without thinking, i did a reset to factory settings, cleaning my memory and all.
It wasn’t until after i woke up the following day to write a new song that i realized – “Oh shit!! Every single song i ever had written was gone! All gone1 unrecorded material and i didn’t even have them in my ogo-sized head.
I cried like a child. Oh i so cried. I knelt down in my special spot in my room and looked up to the heavens and cried to God. Then i called all my friends and cried on the phone.. and here’s what each of them said in several versions of English.. “Sorry baby, but just know that God didn’t want you to have those songs. See the positive side, you’d come out of this with better material than what you lost” If i never believed anything all my life, i believed those words and held on to them..looking forward to having God bless me with new inspiration and stories beyond my imagination. Trust God na?? He nor dey fuck up!
And HE helped. I have since written amazing songs and worked with super talented producers. Y’all expect nothing but non-stop entertainment in 2011.
Have you seen my Holiday video featuring Ese Peters?? Watch it HERE.


Yes!! I know you want all the juicy details on this subject..*Aproko* LMAO. There’s nothing juicy in here though, sorry. From a few dates, to a couple of potentials, to a couple more potentials gone the most recent one- *sigh* I donno why this happens all the time..but you what i say, i may be a rapper but i aint hardcore. When i get it bad, i get it reaaaaLL bad!

Anyways, im saying Adios to 2010 and all its baggages and gabbages *whatever that means* Looking forward to an amazing 2011. Im back to work now. The skin is much better, *thanks for asking*i have been back in the studio since November. Decided there is going to be a 5track EP out early in the year, so you can have something to hold on to before my official album.. it is titled –the GIGO EP- so watch out for that.

To say Happy New Year to you, the new video for “Make ‘em Say” off Str8buttah’s mixtape drops on the 1st of January...Yay!! You might wanna stay on your favourite blogs to catch that.

My Fav Photo in 2010??? This isnt even hard to decide cause i wasnt out much and taking so many photos, due to a lot of something somethings, few of which i have told you already. But here it is!!

And yes! it got in the month's issue of Complete Fashion magazine so im sure they agree with me as well. LMAO
Took this with Dipp when we was out for Designer's Lounge in Lagos. Fun stuff. If you cant see why i love this picture, tohh, im not saying! hehe

More juicy gist??? You’d have to visit this site again. Hehehee.. Thanks for dropping by. Love you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

PS:: Errhmm you can like to steal this picture and use it as the wall paper for your PCs and phones. *big smile* Take that one do happy new year for me.

****if the picture of my bad skin grossed you out, plix en plixx bare with me. It might not mean anything to you, but for the next girl or guy suffering the after effects of acne and shit.. im hoping silently that it would inspire and help. Lord bless you!

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  1. Love zis...
    one o me best reads here...
    Looking forward to yo EPs n album... All da best...

  2. Your make em' say video was great.Love love love love it.I love your Christmas video more though.So pretty...Keep doing your thang.

  3. Wow, you are strong. Atleast you didn't give up hope and I should say...these memoirs are trully inspirirng. Keep on writing!!!


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