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Merry Christmas the Eva Way!!

  • 12/24/2010
  • by
I do not know at what point in my life Christmas stopped being Oh so special, but it did. Maybe when we stopped getting the gifts from the folks or when it didnt matter if we when to 'Mr Biggs' -as per Pako pikin..whatever the casem i just probably grew out of the whole ghen ghen of christmas. on the other hand, maybe i just became a boring person. LMAO!!!
This year, Christmas is special.. ErrRrr..No! im mot going to Mr Biggs..hehehe. Im just in a happy place in my life. Funny i say this cause this time 2months ago i was uberly fucked up. But God has been faithful, and i feel blessed. For everything i had to pull myself through in 2010, i cant be more greatful. so this is me saying Merry Christmas in a more special way than just saying it.
I hope this song inspires you and you love it as much as i
I had to have Ese Peters to play the guitars on this, im a huge fan of his and i couldnt be more excited when he said yes. And this "Happy Holidays" was birthed out of the connection we had in the studio. Video directed by Mex.

Thanks for supporting me through the year. It mmeans so much to have y'all ride with me. God bless you richly. Happy Holidays!



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  1. this completed my Christmas evening..God bless your hustle..happy holidays


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