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  • 12/17/2010
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With so much work to be done in getting my debut album ready, i have decided to give you a peep into my little music world y releasing an EP just before my album. Its called -the GIGO EP- and its a little pet project thats going to show different sides of me musically and creatively.
Im sure you are wondering- GIGO is for Garbage In- Garbage Out- a simple computer term used in programming.. Forgive my efikoism right now..hehehee.
For now, ur basic understanding of GIGO (pronounced -guy-go) is- i am giving to you in the form of music, what life has given to me.. the good the bad the ugly.. So what i get/receive in life, is what i am, as a creative artist going to give back to you in form of music.

As much as making a mixtape would have been
an easier option, i dont do 'easy' and i believe you deserve the very best i could offer. So, its a project consisting of all original songs and would be made available to you as soon as it is ready. Release date has been fixed for early next year, 2011.

Now, i am more than excited to introduce to you, the crazy fun side of me. This is the Eva that is carefree and willing to explore the vocal chords with the very difficult task of singing, which im sure you'd notice, i scaled through like a cheat. LMFAO. On this song, i featured Shank, my very good friend and an artist i have been in-love with from his first introduction to our amazing world of NIgerian Music.

Please listen, enjoy and share. Would be nice to know what you guys think. Thanks for the love and for being patient and supportive! God bless

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