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Industry Night at Tribeca - With Show Dem Camp

  • 2/11/2011
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I donno if you know of Show Dem Camp, the two-man HipHop group that brought you guys so much music in the 2010. They just recently released the video for 'Farabale' ft MayD which i totally love. Im a big fan of the Duo so naturally when they asked me to perform at their edition of industry night at Tribeca, i was just out of this world thrilled.
It became even more exciting when i was told i was gonna be performing with a Live band. Thats something i have always wanted to do! But then the wahala was a mess!!!!! i died!
We got to band rehearsals at 5pm and didnt leave until 3am. I was like 'Choi????' As crazy tired as i was i had to be up the following day to prepare for the show.

The turn out of the event was superbm from the fans to the other artistes that came to support perform and then media. Lovely! That just completely made up for my tired young bonesm as soon as i got on stage and held that mic, hmmmmm!! U go fear delivery na? i sound cocky, slap me plixx! I was actually on a
very overwhelming P, (thats the English id rather use instead of stating clearly that i was frigging nervous) I couldnt get my self together until i held something and as it turned out, it was my bottle of water. I even took it up on stage for my performance! Haha! But i had fun tho. Superb show.

I was back on stage again to perform 'Down' with Show Dem Camp. Thats a great song i cant wait to share with you. Beautiful soft piece with a lotta soul. Id be sure to share that with you as soon as it is released!

Oh did i say?? Toolz of theBeatFm was the host of the night and she carried us through a great show amazingly well.
Watch 'Farabale' by SDC below

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