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#iDoneDidIt - The Reviews

  • 2/24/2011
  • by
Naturally, i should be telling you about this song. But sincerely, right now, i am just overwhelmed by the love from the fans, the acceptance of the song and even the great reviews from the critics.
This was actually the first joint Sossick and i teamed up to work on, and like i always am sometimes, i wasnt a huge fan of it after recording.

Sossick always said, "Mehnn Eva forget, this is my jam" then he'd dance round the studio and laugh at me. I have got a stupid smile plastered on my face right now just thinking about it.

After weeks of teasing me about this song, he
played it to DjNeptune. Next thing you know, Neptune is on my case saying, "Yo Babe you better release that jam"-

So without arguing about it anymore, i passed it through the label and my management and we decided to release it on -the GIGO EP- which as you probably know, should be released soon!

No, 'the GIGO EP' isnt my debut album, yes Sossick would be working massively on my Album, Yes im also working with SarZ, M.I, Tintin, LegenduryBeatz, Gray Jones... to name a few, Yes the first video off 'the GIGO EP' would be out soon.
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My fans actually made this trend on twitter #iDoneDidit and i couldnt be more grateful. Here are a few of my favorite tweets.

Just downloaded #idonedidit by @EvaAlordiah... One word.....#awesome...the fastest rising female rapper in 9ja. The world get ready!!!

RT @MisAddie: Yall needta take a min to check out @EvaAlordiah 's song #IDoneDidIT Her flow is SIck! I tell ya!

My laptop jst packed up and am too broke to get another one.yeap #idonedidit still doing it☹ crying @EvaAlordiah

Stalk bbes on facebook 4 fun #iDonedidIt see them and ask wt their names wv attitude #iDonedidIt dance alanta afta #iDonedidIt

ok.. where is @Evalordiah.. jes heard #IDoneDidIt ..sickkkkkkkkkkkk BEAT......n u killed it....I SUGGEST A BADT REMIX WITH CHOC BOYZ.ILL

#iDoneDidit These fools don't see me, they be Stevie, No Wonder #PunchLine Cc: @EvaAlordiah

Eating roasted corn with milk..All na corn flakes yeah #idonedidit..

#ConfessionTweet while network was doing me strong thing, i got Eva's #IDoneDidIt on steadyrepeat. That joint is bonkers!

I jst heard one Eva chics song 'I done did it'.she make sense..breath of fresh air in rap! where she frm cm sef?


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  1. Ave listened 2 .I DONE DID IT uncountable times 2day. Listening listening omo mehn I done did it

  2. eva, i dnt like you i so mch love yo die

  3. i love your music can i get in touch with you. need you 2 perform in my skul. ur mail account pls.


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