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And the Winner is...

  • 5/29/2011
  • by name is Eva, im a rapper/entertainer and i have never been nominated for an award before. ErrRRR.. Cut! Take 2, Action!
Hi!!! My name is Eva Alordiah, i am a Nigerian rapper/entertainer, Dancer, Makeup artist, creative writer amongst other things and i have just been nominated in the "Best Rap Act" category of the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for 2011, along side M.I, Ruggedman, Terry tha Rapman, Iceprince and NaetoC!! *Gasping for air** Breathe Eva, Breathe!! There..there.. thats a good girl.. Yay me!!! 

Silly me. So there you go, my first award nomination and it had
 to be one of the toughest categories. Now hold up, wait a minute, right now it isnt about winning for me. It is more about satisfaction than it is winning, it is actually much more about a boost of confidence than anything else. I am happy, ecstatic,flabarasgasbongously excited and just plain embarrased. Yes ke! From the minute i found out about this nomination, thanks to twitter, i have been asking myself.."Oh boy! You sure say na me be this?"
I snatched up my phone, called Sossick up and screamed as loud as i could. After our very joyful conversation, i fell flat on my warm bed and cried..tears that streaked down uncontrollably from joy.
There i am, nominated among the very best, my sweet handsome male colleagues, most of whom i looked up to as a young rapper growing up..and fast forward to 2011 i am being recognized, counted just as good as they are. If that aint enough, then i dont know what is.
Hmmmm...anyway with the news of the nominations, a lot of people became employed!! Yes ke! You go fear na? Chief inspector general of "Why was She nominated", General Sergent OPP of "She doesnt deserve it" and all the House of Reps of club "Why oh Why" - They all got jobs! Employment galore. All i had to do was twitter search, google search and nose fish them out! And there they were, all over the place, like termites in search of my wood grown mind, waiting to chew my brains out **Laughing in Arabic** God nor gree you oh!! 

I am super grateful (Hold on, no be say i don start my award thank you speech and tinzz oh), Yea, just super super grateful for the amazing fans i have, the support i have been getting from DJs, radios, TVs, Bloggers,  OAPs, my friends, my enemies, the haters, the gossip folks and oooooOOOOOHHhhh my family! God is good to me. Poor baby Eva. Look at you now. hehehee
Ssssshhh... dont tell anyone i said this, but if by the grace of God i win this award (Shaattap dia! anything can happen) Im so gonna party like an animal, buy a bottle for everyone i see, buy myself a new car (even if i had to steal) and then release a free collection for the fans. Buhahahaha!! The NEAs isnt until September or thereabout though, "the GIGO EP" would have long been released before then, ooOpsie, thats like anytime from now, and my debut album would most probably be in Deep fry stages in the kitchen. 

So yoooooo! This is me, my name is Eva, i was born on the road, in the car sometime in the very late 80's August 13th, I take everyone more seriously than i take myself, i have been taken advantage of several times in my short life, a lot of friends have become enemies along the way, i have made some darn "oh Lord forgive me" mistakes, i have cried most nights than i have slept. Life is short, im only trying to stand tall..

And the winner is...

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  1. Eva. I love you. Win or lose you're already a star. I hope someday to meet you, to get to really know you, and to someday hear you call me friend. God bless you immensely. Don't cry, smile.

  2. Yess. Miss. Boss. You rock. You done did it... no doubt about it... surpassed every limit no gimmick you flow terrific... Yeah them haters shaking spears at rap's female shakespeare, but don't despair, ma dear,middle finger in the air... Every chimney gotta smoke, so let em smoke till they choke... Now I'm a leave you with one last little quote... Forget 'em, they green with envy like a twenty naira note.

    You rock Eva - enough for me to shamelessly kiss ass.

    B-) No mind me... I'm just starstruck... @_@ :-P

  3. U musto win utunu! Team Alordian toh badt! I go carry d voting for head lyk gele

  4. Tough category right now for you but you got wat it takes to win and if u do, there won't be any controversy surrounding it cos like ur totaally worth it. In this economy ur still creating jobs shout out to Chief inspector general of "Why was She nominated", General Sergent OPP of "She doesnt deserve it" and all the House of Reps of club "Why oh Why"...Peace

  5. Aww Eva.I'm still a tad bit confused as to which I love better. Your music or your personalty. God bless your endeavours. Proud of ya! Buyaaaaa! :D

  6. Crying! Oh No, I'm not anonymous. I'm DUMEBI!!! :)

  7. Eva.. i think im obsessed tho.. been following ur tracks a while back b4 u became known, then i saw ur pix n i totally lost it.. damn lady, i really dont want to sound like all these damn losers but u got a part of heart sha.. i guess it cant be helped, now i sound like them losers...lolol.. anywho, im a great fan tho, real big one.... and i hope ure really not dating MI, i wanna keep my dreams free of the short black boy... enjoy!... oh, and whats ur twitter name?, would be nice to follow ya!!!!

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