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Getting it..

  • 5/14/2011
  • by
He stared at her, barely seeing past her braless breasts, the curves of which played through the sheer cotton she wore. She looked even more beautiful than he remembered her to be.
"I said, do you want to take a walk?" She asked, snapping him back to reality. "I'm really tired babe,I don't think I can"..he muffled.
"Well I think we should," she said with a coy smile. "Imagine us taking a walk&then stopping to fuck in the moonlight."
"Aaaarrgghhh you are nasty," he growled,the thought of her in his arms again sending blood down his groin. What a woman she was!
"I'd tell you what,I'm going upstairs to shower&be clean, then I'd be down and out in 15. Meet me outside if you care."
Oooohh she meant it. Every word!

He got excited, feeling like he was 17 again. The thought of banging her again playing on his mind. He shifted in his chair, staring blankly at his computer.
He imagined her in the bath, her slim frame wet with the cold water. Or did she bathe hot?? He didn't even know! He hadn't known her that long to tell.
Now that he thought about it, he wished he could join her in the bath, soap her up&kiss her soft lips at the same time.
He remembered the first time he fucked her, how she screamed his name and dug her nails deep into his back. He still felt it sting. Such lioness she was. He smiled.
He turned around and saw her, her head cocked in through the door. "I'm out if you need me" she whispered.
He was up and off his chair in a second, fast on her heels and walking with her outta the house. The cold night air immediately freezing them both. He heard her moan.
They had barely walked past the house when she stopped. "I think you should get back inside," she said.
"Why", he asked, disappointment beginning to build on his handsome face.
She smiled at him, turning her head & letting the soft curls of her hair sweep across her face.
"Because I need you to get your car keys.."

His heart skipped a beat then began to pound loudly in his chest. He knew what she wanted. As he pictured it in his head, he wanted it too.
"Fuck!" He cursed and walked back to the house as quickly as his legs could take him. This girl was evil! Just evil, he thought to himself.
In that instant, she was everything that mattered. Her beautiful face,her body, the softness of her woman wells when he drove deep down inside her..
He was back from the house now, his car keys in one hand, the other in his pocket, fiddling with the condoms he had hurriedly stuffed in.
"Wow! The sky is beautiful don't you think?" She was saying to him. "Hey look at that very bright one o'er there," she said, pointing her index finger.
That index finger!
Only that afternoon, she had sat beside him in the living room, 3 other guys present,and somehow managed to help herself & then dangled the fluid-wet finger around his nose. How she managed to pull that off, he had no idea. But he certainly remembered how she had smelled. Amazing!

He let the car door open, and watched her as she snuggled into the back seat..
It was pitch black in there.. The only reflection of light came from the house just across the street. But it was just enough for him to see her as she stripped off her shorts and spread her beautiful long legs over the passenger seat in front of her.
He heard her muffled moans as he settled in beside her. She took his hand, guiding his fingers around her wells.. "You feel that? I'm so wet baby.. I'm in need of you" she said between moans.
He struggled to get the condom on with his free hand. When he was set, he got up and over her, thrusting deep down into her flooding depths, hitting hard against the walls of her insides.
He was stronger with ever thrust, her nails digging deep into his back letting him know how hard he got her. She called his name, his strong arms holding her down under his weight.

She loved it. She loved him. He saw her smile. Then laugh. Then scream. Their sweaty bodies in contact. Hot. Wet. He felt like he was going to explode inside her.
"Oh fuck!" He cursed as he drove deep into her. "You are the best. So fucking good. This is the best ve ever had" he said, and she knew he meant it.
They must have been going at it for tens of minutes but it felt like seconds.
She tried to turn around, so he could take her from behind. He stopped her. "Don't. I really want to look into your beautiful eyes while I have you."
She thought that was the sweetest most sincere thing he had ever said to her.
He took a handful of her hair, and pulled on it as hard as he could as he let out a million & 1 biological zoons spinning in the condom. He let out a deep throated sigh and rested his body on hers.
It was only at this point that they realized how hot the car had become.
"Wow!" She gasped. "Oh wow!" That was the best thing ever! Jesus H Christ!"
They sat still in the back seat. Their butts still naked, her hand on his thigh.
"You're beautiful," he said to her. "And amazing".
He pulled her close, letting her rest her head on his sweat-wet chest. She let a slow soft sigh. "Thank you."

They sat there in the hot dark car, another ten long minutes, their bodies glued together,their thoughts fueled in vastly different ways.
He heard her laugh out loud.."Damn you are good!"

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  1. damn u r piece. i like

  2. Hahn hahn eva take it easy nw u wnt kill person my cock is as hard as a rock feels lyk it gon burst.

  3. OMG!!! This is good stuff. Could you please increase the length of the story? Or make part II? Really good anyway.

  4. Wow!!! I am rock hard right now! You made me want so bad to shoot a huge load of cum deep inside this girl and have her dig her nails into me!


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